Recommended level – 48

You can find the contract on one of the notice boards scattered around Toussaint. Once you select it, follow the map marker to Bourbeau who will give you the details of the contract. Once he has explained the problem, you are sent down to the wine cellar.

Examine the items that glow red with your witcher sense and then blow out the wall to the right with Aard. Go down the tunnel following the monster tracks until you encounter Kikimora’s.

In a little alcove off the the side you will find a bunch of eggs. Burn them all and examine the giant crack in the ground. Geralt will mention going back up to talk to Bourbeau.

Do just that and Lady Bourbeau will tell you about a missing worker. They ask you to go and find him, saying that he was last seen in the vineyards.

Follow the new map marker to what looks like a disrupted picnic and follow the set of footprints that veer left. Before going too far, prep for a battle with a couple of Centipedes (Insetoid Oil and Yrden). After they’ve been defeated, climb the ledge and continue on.

Once you’ve found the Shaelmars lair, collect the mushrooms and fresh blood from nearby and access the alchemy menu to make the bait. Prep Geralt with Relict Oil and Igni. When fighting the monster, Igni is great to use if it’s been leveled up enough. If Igni isn’t helping, dodge around the Shaelmar and get it to knock itself out by rolling into a wall. Attack it while it’s stunned.

When the monster has been defeated, return to Bourbeau for your reward.