Recommended level – 36

This fists of fury quest is no different then all the others we’ve done so far: You have to fist fight 3 men and win. The first is Mancomb who can be found near the Nilfgaardian Embassy signpost. Talk to the bookie to start the fight. Mancomb is a basic fight, dodge every now and then and you’ll be fine.

Second on the list is Still Waters. Follow the map marker to his location and talk to the bookie. Dodge when he throws a punch and attack. You should be able to get about 3 hits on him before you’ll need to dodge again.

Lastly is Colossus. You can agree to parry 3 of his hits instead of fighting if you wish. To do this, wait until his fist is pulled back and press L2 (I think?). Geralt should parry him easily. You may have to work on the exact timing.