Recommended level – 35

This entire quest takes place during the Tournament and on the tournament grounds. It starts by visiting the knight we helped as soon as we entered Toussaint, a man named Guillaume. Due to his injuries from that battle, he can no longer compete in the tournment. He asks Geralt to compete in his place and to help him win the heart of Lady Vivienne who is watching over the competition.


Upon agreeing, Guillaume will tell you to practice all of the skills required for the touney. Follow him around and do so until you feel ready to continue.

Now you need to head to the Inscription tent. You are asked which name you’d like to compete under: Geralt of Rivia or Ravix of Fourhorn. (Side note – the name Ravix is a nod to the first Witcher book where Geralt was temporarily called Ravix of Fourhorn). The name you choose will alter a fight later on in the game, but it’s nothing overly serious so pick whichever you’d like.


Now we begin the challenges. First is the shooting range. You can play Palmerin at Gwent to switch the time of day you compete if you win. Either way, hit all of your color targets faster than your opponent to win.

The race, which is your next event, made me rage. All the advice I can give you if you’re having problems is to breathe, and try to hit most of the targets so you can finish on time.

After the race you will run into someone who wants to fight you. The person changes depending on the name you are competing under. Fight them and win in order to proceed.

We now need to go and talk to Vivienne. On her little outdoor porch thing is a bird. Geralt will comment on it and you will need to follow it. Along the way are panthers you will need to fight, so make sure you are prepared to do so.


Eventually you will arrive in a clearing and talk to Vivienne. Once she has explained her curse to you, you can promise to keep it to yourself or not. Now you need to go back to the Tournament grounds and talk to Guillaume.

The choice you make here while talking to him determines which ending you will get for this quest.  Telling him about her curse will lead to the better end while keeping her secret will lead to the ‘sad’ end. Choose whichever you’d like.

You can also decide whether you want t stay in the Tournament. In this guide, I’m assuming you are finishing it, so I will continue that way. If you drop out, keep scrolling down until you get to whereever you end up next.

For the final tournament event, you must help the knights fight off all of their competitors. Doge alot and you should be fine. During the boss fight, dodge every time he goes in for an attack and hit him while he’s recovering. If you finish first in all events you will get the trophy “A Knight to Remember”.

That evening will start the curse lifting for Vivienne. If you told Guillaume he secret, they will go together to the clearing. If you kept it to yourself, she will kick him out of her tent and go to the clearing by herself. Either way, make your way to the clearing and fight the panther that is waiting their.


If Guillaume isn’t with you, find an egg to take Vivienne’s curse and start the ceremony. If Guillaume is present, they will step into the lake together and the ceremony will begin.

If Guillaume took the curse, they will leave together happy and he will give you your reward. If he was kicked out, you must go and find him for him to give you your reward. He will then storm off angrily. You can later find him in Toussaint wandering around drunk.