This particular quest is super easy, but requires quite a bit of money to complete. You may have to come back every now and again once you’ve saved up enough.

To start out, go to Corvo Bianco, which you acquire from the Duchess after completing the first major story quest. You will meet your Majordomo who has a super long name. Geralt will decide to call him B.B.

B.B. will give you a tour of your estate where all you need to do is follow him around. When that’s done, you can talk to him and start upgrading your home.

Here is everything you need to sink some money into before the quest can be finished:

  1. Refurbish the house
  2. Add an Armory
  3. Add a grindstone
  4. Add a stable for Roach
  5. Fix up the guest room
  6. Search the Cellar when prompted
  7. Search the hidden room when prompted
  8. Fix up the garden
  9. Buy Geralt a new bed
  10. Add more Armor and Weapon stands

Once everything has been bought/ upgraded and you’ve waited the amount of time B.B. tells you to, talk to him again to finish the quest.