Recommended level – 45

Outside of the Nilfgaardian Embassy is a woman who will call you over and give you a contract. Her betrothed has gone missing while on a quest to slay a monster for her, and she wants you to go find him.

Accept the quest and follow the map marker to a spot in the Gorgon Hills where you will find Francois. Agree to help him take care of the monster and follow him to the cave. Use your witcher sense to examine the bones and shoes. Before you set the flowers on fire, prep with Relict Oil and Igni.

During the fight, set the Spriggan on fire and get some hits before dodging away. Try to keep Francois alive while also fighting the random Archespores that pop up.

Once the fight is over, pick whichever options you want and go back to the woman who gave you the contract. Once again, pick whatever options you want with her and the quest will end.