Quests covered in this part:

  • Man from Cintra
  • Capture the Castle

Man From Cintra


Recommended level – 43

After the scene with Anna, you have an option to buy clothes that she deems appropriate for the event you are about to attend. If you’re wanting to stay in her good graces for a particular ending, buying the clothes would be a good idea. You can play the salon man at Gwent for the Young Beserker card. Continue on your way after changing clothes and follow the map marker to the alley you are meeting Anna in.

While at the party, feel free to look and partake in all of the attractions. You don’t really get anything for it, but they’re still fun to do. Explore the rooms for the singer until you find a nude woman getting her portrait painted. Talk to her and she will direct you to the refreshment tables.

While at the tables, look for an opened heart shape box to the left. Follow the scent trail using your witcher sense to the opposite side of the area. Go inside and to the room. Continue to follow the scent trail to the balcony and across to the balcony next store. Now pick up the footsteps and follow them to a different room. Examine everything in the room that glows red to trigger a scene and ends the mission.

Capture the Castle

Recommended level – 43

After the lengthy scene following the Man from Cintra quest, you are lead straight into Capture the Castle. Follow the map markers to infiltrate the castle wall and fight all of the enemies. You can help out the man on the wagon if you wish, and then continue on and watch the scenes that follow. You will have to make a decision upon the beginning of your next mission that will determine which ending you’ll get.