Recommended level – 40

South of the Gelenser River, you will find a man on the road attempting to patch up a dead man. If you help him, he will ask to go with you. Say yes and walk up the path to the nearby house. Use Aard on the door and enter.

Using your witcher sense, examine the ground by the fountain and follow the scent trail. Knock on the door and talk to the man who emerges. After hearing his story, ask if the two of them would be willing to help you re-enact the scene that started this mess.

During scene, light all of the torches and then pick up the sword, shield, bread and wine on the ground. Place them in the appropriate places and get ready for a fight.

Battle vs. Elven Statues

Equip yourself with Quen and go after the sorceresses first. Their magic can get super annoying if you ignore them. Once they’re down, switch to Igni and take out the swordsmen.

Talk to the men to finish the quest.