You don’t need to start these quests via a notice board. Simply walking through the correct area will start them up. There are three parts in total to this, each one a little more detailed than the last.

Big Feet to Fill

Recommended level – 40

This quest line begins when you talk to the man who gives you the Bovine Blues contract. There are 5 sets of people you need to help in order to completely finish this quest.

Start by going North East of Fox Hollow. You will here a merchant yelling for help. His wagon is getting attacked by bandits. Help him out by defeating all of the bandits to finish up the quest.

Big Feet to Fill – The Second Group

On Plegmund’s Bridge near Castel Ravello Vineyard is a small beach. A merchant and two drunk men are sitting there arguing. Fight the two drunk men and the merchant will thank you and end the quest.

Big Feet to Fill – The Third Group

North of Catel Ravello Vineyard are a bunch of overturned wagons and dead horses. Before using your witcher sense, prep your blades with Relict Oil and have Igni ready. Follow the footprints until you find a lone Spriggan walking around. Fight it, and then examine some roots against the hillside to talk to the survivors. This ends the quest.

Big Feet to Fill – The Fourth Group

Follow map marker to designated area. Using your witcher sense, find the Kikimora tracks and follow them to its nest. Fight them and burn the nest before examining the body.

Big Feet to Fill – The Fifth Group

Follow map marker to the island where the statue is being built. Fight the bandits you fin there and free the merchant. Go to the statue to find the man who gave you the quest and collect your reward.