Quest covered in this part:

  • Where Children Toil, Toys Waste Away
  • Wine is Sacred

We are on a hunt to find a little boy who shines shoes. Hopefully he will point us in the direction of the Beast we are hunting.

Where Children Toil…


Follow the mark on your map to the place Geralt saw in his visions of the past. The child is there and he convinces you to let him shine your shoes.  During the conversation you have the option to pay him. It doesn’t matter what you do here, because either way he won’t be very helpful.

Toys Waste Away


After the scenes, you’ll find yourself in a toy shop. Use your witcher sense and examine everything, leaving the set of notes on the far right table for last. Decide whether or not you agree with Regis about Detlaff’s innocence, then it’s time to see the Duchess.

Wine Is Sacred


Head over to Beauclair Palace and talk to the Duchess. Choose dialogue options that will help push your relationship with Anna in whichever direction you’d like it to go. Eventually you will set off with Anna and her guard to the vineyard. Along the way is an overturned cart with panthers that you’ll need to fight. Continue on and after some talking and follow Anna to the wine cellars.

She will inspect the wine ledger and then task you with finding the wine she’s looking for. Use your witcher sense to read the signs in front of the wine barrels. Take a second to inspect a box at the bottom of the stairs to find some taps, and a hammer in front of some barrels on the first floor.

The barrels we are looking for are on the top floor. Knock on all of them and Anna says that they are full, so one must have a different wine in it. That’s what the taps and hammer is for. The barrel you are looking for is the one on the far right (at least in my game).

The Ambush

Her Ladyness (is that a thing?) will interrogate the vineyard caretaker and you will be told about a meeting place. Geralt is then sent there. In the fight you will have Anna’s soldiers helping you out, so fight the enemies. A lone hostage will be left and Anna insists on interrogating him. As Geralt, it’s easier to go along with her bluff about using the guy as bait for the Beast.