Hello! Today I will be talking about the latest anime I’ve watched, Ajin: Demi Human. I have done a manga report on this particular story, but I thought doing a separate review on the show would be good too!


Where there is life, there is death… or is there? What would you do if you could never die? The possibilities are endless.

Seventeen years ago, the existence of a special species called Ajin was discovered in Africa. They are said to be immortal beings, with several supernatural abilities, that look just like any other human being. Are these Ajin just random phenomena of nature or were they purposely sent to Earth to destroy it?

Since their first discovery, several other Ajin appearances have been reported worldwide. For the majority of citizens though, these creatures are less reality and more of something you see every once in a while in a textbook or on the news. This is how it was for the young protagonist of the series, Kei. That was until a sudden turn of events changed his life forever…

Ajin is a supernatural anime full of complex ideas about life and death, as well as the dark side of human nature. What does it mean to truly be human? – from MyAnimeList.com

What I Liked About It

The story is fantastic. I’ve never heard the immortal human plot go quite in this direction before and it’s very intriguing. A main plot point told to us in the first episode is that a person doesn’t know that they’re an Ajin until they die and come back to life. It brings a morbid feeling to the story, which is intensified later on.

It gets super dark within the first couple of episodes. This is to be expected when it comes to a show revolving around death, but it hits a bit too close to home when they show what the test the government run on the Ajin’s when they get caught. There were a few scenes that made my stomach turn. Luckily, I’m into that sort of story line.

I watched this with English voices on, and for the most part everyone sounded really good. Johnny Young Bosch played the role of our main protagonist Kei, and at first I had no idea it was him. Most of the cast fit their characters very well.

What I Disliked

It took me awhile to get used to the animation. It is a newer type that I’ve seen used before; very 3D looking characters. They are almost too 3D if that makes sense. It’s odd if you’re used to the typical 2D anime animation.

While most of the voices were cast well, there were a couple that just felt wrong, mainly that of Sato. The voice actor in general is fine, but I don’t think his particular tone fit the character.

Final Episode (Spoilers)

After Sato launches his attack on a pharmaceutical company, the news once again flashes pictures of wanted Ajin along all television networks. Kei’s hiding spot is found out when an old man who lives near by calls that cops and sells him out for a million yen reward.

After being surrounded, Kei pretends to hold the old woman he’s been living with hostage and escapes. He proceeds to free Kou from his abandoned semi – truck prison and the two run away together. They are eventually caught by Tosaki and almost captures them by knocking them out, but Kei manages to summon his ghost while unconscious. Tosaki, thinking that the ghost will disappear if they’re dead, shoots the two of them in the head, effectively resetting them. They come back to life and run away.

The final shows the two boys on a cliff above the ocean. They tie themselves to either side of a rope and jump off into the ocean.

Final Thoughts

I really like Ajin Demi Human. Both the anime and the manga are good, and i look forward to the next season that starts in October of 2016.

Only watch this if you’re OK with violence, slight gore and just messed up stuff happening. It isn’t a pretty story, so don’t expect one.

As always, thank you so much for reading! If you have anything you’d like to add to the discussion, please leave a comment.

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