Recommended level – 36

If you go into the Clever Clogs in Beauclair, there is a man sitting upstairs who has a job for you. In a cemetery nearby, there is constant howling and yelling that keeps our poor Charles up at night. Let’s investigate!

Once in the cemetery, use your witcher sense to investigate. You’ll find a dug up grave, and some left over bottles. Geralt will conclude that we need to wait til nightfall.

After dark, go to the catacombs and enter the door to the left. Use your witcher sense to examine the broken pots, name plates and gold. Have Geralt wait behind the statue until a scene plays.

When you have the ability to choose an option, you can really go with whatever you like. I picked ‘ why are you here?’ and ‘Whose tomb is this?’. You will have to pick who you help. Your reward changes depending on your choice.

Scenario #1 – Bad Reward (Helping Margot)

In order to help Margot, you need to move Louis. He requests to be put with the Gwent Friendship Society’s tomb, so let’s do it. Grab his urn and follow the marker on the map. Once you arrive at the tomb, you will have to fight off some grave robbers.

Once they’re dead, place the urn and go back to Margot. She will tell you the location of Louis’s hidden cards. Under a bush in the backyard of their home.

The cards stink. They aren’t overly great, and you probably already have them in your deck.

Scenario #2 – Good Reward (Helping Louis)

Margot asks to be placed near her mother’s grave which is in a different cemetery. Follow the map marker and examine the grave stones until you find the right name. Leave the urn there and return to Louis. He is no longer there, but will pop back up if you interact with his ashes.

Turns out he can’t give you what he agreed, but instead you have access to a sword. Leave the catacombs and travel to the Black Smith’s shop nearby. Talk to him to acquire the ‘Forged in Fire’ steel sword. He offers to play you in gwent for it. You can if you want and if you win you get to keep he sword.

Return to Charles at the Clever Clogs for your reward.