Recommended level – 43

This quest can be started to the North of the Armorer in Beauclair. There is a painter standing in the corner of a square who wants to talk to Geralt. He will ask for the witcher to be his model. If you agree, he will ask you to meet him at the Eastern gate around noon.

Go over to the Beauclair sign post to meet up with him. The painter will ask you to follow him on horseback to a spot he has picked out.

Once you get there, you discover that the spot in question has been taken over by snotty nobles. On top of that, the painter’s paints are missing! Of course, it’s up to Geralt to find them.

Use your witcher sense and go to the bushes on the right of the noble. Geralt will find some spilled paint. Follow the scent trail to a cave entrance. Before entering, prep with Necrophage Oil. Inside is a group of level 43 Nekkers that you must defeat. Grab the paints after the battle and return to the painter.

You will need to follow him on horseback again to a new spot. Choose whichever pose you’d like, (they’re all pretty funny in the end). After a few hours go by in game, you will have to battle a griffin.

Battle vs. Griffin

At the beginning of the battle, go into your inventory and use Hybrid Oil. Igni or Quen works really well in this fight, so use whichever you prefer.

When the beast has been defeated, you can choose whether or not you;d like the griffin in your painting. Make your choice and meet up with the painter a day later back at his base in Beauclair.

Watch the scene and buy the painting to finish the quest.