Story quests covered in this part:

  • Blood Run
  • La Cage au Fou

Story Quest #3 – Blood Run

After leaving poor Milton, following the scent trail using your witcher sense. You will fun through the town and eventually come to an abandoned house. Here you meet face to face with the Beast that we have been tracking since we arrived in Toussaint.

Battle vs. The Beast

This isn’t a fight you’re meant to win. I’m honestly not sure if you can, (let me know in the comments if it’s possible to beat him), but either way, the Beast will fight you after a quick conversation.

Watch the scene that unfolds. This finishes up the Blood Run Quest.

Story Quest #4 – La Cage au Fou


We begin this quest by heading over to the spot Regis asked us to meet him at, the Mere – Lachaiselongue Cemetery. The front door is locked, so you’ll have to go around to an open cave entrance. You will need to fight a few Kikimora’s in the cave and go down the right path in order to meet up with Regis.

After a scene, you can choose to either drink with Regis or take a nap, but if you drink with him then you get a chance to ask him some questions. I’m not sure if your answer to the question “Would you still be a witcher if you could start over?” matters or affects anything later on. I chose yes, but feel free to choose whichever you want.

Hunting the Spotted Wight

Before you leave to find the Wight, read up in your bestiary what it’s weak against. Ride Roach to the point marked on your map and fight the two Barghests that are hanging around outside.

Go around to the left before entering the house and read the note sitting on the bench. When you enter, go to the left again and open up the oven to find a diary. Now move to the right side of the house and examine the skeletons and the dinner table. Behind these is a decayed letter sitting on a small table. Reading these three notes will give you a lot of great insight into the monster we are currently hunting.

Head down the stairs into the basement area. Examine the table before looking at the cauldron. A certain dialogue option is only available if you examine that table. Hide in a nearby wardrobe and wait for the Wight to show herself.

You are given a quick choice event to either attack the monster or to try and lift the curse. Here are the following scenarios that can happen based on your choices.

Scenario #1 – Bad Choice


Attack her. She won’t fight you, but will flee down the stairs further into the basement. You have another choice here: either grab the saliva and leave, or chase her down the stairs. If you chase her you’ll have to fight.

Battle vs. Spotted Wight

Prep your sword with Necrophage oil before going down the stairs. Yrden is the best sign to use against her, but Igni works as well. This is a typical wraith – like fight, so treat it as such. Watch out for when she dives into her piles of spoons and you should be able to make it out OK. Go back to Regis once you’ve finished.

Scenario #2 – Best Choice

Choose to try and lift the curse. Once you’re seated with her at the table, choose to eat without spoons. She will fly off somewhere else within the house. You have the option to follow after her scent using your witcher sense. Do so and follow it outside. There will be a few Barghest’s along the way. Eventually Geralt will run across the Wight, now turned into an old lady, and take her to his home in Corvo Bianco.

Once you’ve finished all of that dialogue, go back to Regis and give him the slaiva you collected.

Vampire Torture Dungeon


As the headline above says, it’s time to head to the vampire torture dungeon. Regis will explain what will be happening as you two make your way inside. When the time comes, place the bait in the marked areas of the room, using Aard when needed to clear away debris. You will have to kill enemies until Geralt mentions letting Regis out of the cage. A scene will play and you will be back in Regis’ home.

Through the Beast’s Eyes

A lot goes down in the next few scenes, so pay attention. We get to see what led up to us arriving in Toussaint as well as a bit of background on the Beast. The quest ends as Geralt wakes up and Regis sends him on his way.