Recommended level – 37

You can find this quest on notice boards around Toussaint. Once you activate the quest, follow the point to a cave. Two brothers are standing outside and ask you to help them find their brother who got left behind in the cave. Before entering, prep your blade with insectoid oil and have Igni set. Fight the kikimara’s inside and examine the sword on the ground nearby. You will also find a blood trail that you should follow. It will lead you to the missing brother.

He will explain the situation to you and ask you to find a missing part of his in the nearby like. The lake in question is extremely hot, so you must cast Qwen on yourself before diving in. Use your witcher sense to quickly find his part and exiting the water. If you want to get the other items below the water, you’ll have to recast Qwen before diving back in.

Bring the part to the brother and Geralt will escort him to the cave entrance. Here we must make a choice that will affect whether or not you get any reward.

Scenario #1 – Bad Choice

Choose to defend the man. You will be forced to fight all of the thugs waiting outside as well as the other two brothers. The brother’s will survive but you won’t get any reward besides his thanks.

Scenario #2 – Good Choice

Tell him that no one is getting hurt. The both of you will walk out of the cave and Geralt will make the three men work things out together. The two brothers who were waiting outside will thank you as well as give you a reward for your help.