Recommended level – 40

To the left of Castle Ravello, you will run into a man talking to a bleeding tree. This is Jacob, a wood cutter who is super into fairy tales. He’s convinced the bleeding tree is a woman who was cursed while waiting for her lover to return from a journey he took to confront a witch. Geralt agrees to investigate.

Once you’re in control of Geralt use your witcher sense to examine the tree and the blood on the ground near by. Move over to the stumps and examine one of them to start another conversation with Jacob.

You will be sent on a journey to find a witch that lives on Lynx Crag. Follow the marker up to the witches house. Don’t fight the panther you run into on the mountain. It won’t attack you if you leave it alone.

Before entering the house, read the book of fables that Jacob gave you earlier. This opens up an option for the good scenario later on.

Examine the bear skin on the back wall to uncover items the witch is using to perform curses. You can look at them all if you want, but the one you need is the kerchief. The witch pops up behind you and you are presented with a few choices.

Scenario 1 – Worst Option

Demand that the witch lifts the curse. She will get angry and you will have to fight her. Upon defeating her, she will reluctantly lift the curse and send you on your way. Go back to Jacob to find his wolf possessed by the woman’s spirit. It has murdered Jacob but the spirit flees when Geralt approaches.

Scenario 2 – Better Option

Once you get to the dialogue with the witch, tell her you will break the curse yourself. You will leave and go back to the tree, asking Jacob to help you perform the ritual to free her from the tree. Her spirit comes out, but you must fight her.

Battle vs. Daphne’s Ghost

This spirit is pretty difficult if you aren’t prepared for her. She attacks instantly, so roll away as soon as you are in control of Geralt. Cast Yrden to do maximum damage to her, and apply spirit oil to your blade before hand if you can.

The spirit will disappear once you’ve defeated it, leaving an irritated Jacob in it’s wake. He’s disappointed in Geralt’s performance, and no longer wants anything to do with him after paying up.

Scenario 3 – Best Option

Read the book of Fables that you received from Jacob before entering the witches house. When you are forced to choose an option, you will see one asking her to please help you. Geralt will humble himself before her and she will tell him about the remains of Daphne’s lover in a cave under her house. She also asks for a lock of Geralt’s hair. Agree to give it to her and leave the building.

Go to the cave entrance under her house and use your witcher sense to find the mans’ remains after killing the monsters. Take them back to the tree and have Jacob help you perform the ritual. Geralt will burn his bones with Daphne’s kerchief and her spirit will be released peacefully.