Preferred level – 36

Another funny quest amongst many in the Blood and Wine DLC within the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. To activate it, you must talk to a man sitting outside of the Armorer’s shop near the Gran’s Place notice board. Talk to him in order to begin this lovely paperchase.

Make your way to the Cianfinelli Bank. Follow all of the instructions you’re given and wander around to all of the windows and rooms to which you are directed. A man will get angry for you cutting in front of him; you can choose any option. Once you’re back inside, you must wait for the ladies to get off of their break. The gentleman next to you offers to play you at Gwent.

Once Geralt is ready to move again, you’ll have an option to buy the woman at the window a gift. This isn’t necessary, but if you choose to, head over to the alchemist nearby. You can play him at gwent.If you win, you’ll obtain a Light Longship card in the Skellige deck.

Make your way back to the woman at Window #1 and talk to her again. The first set of options are all rude and it doesn’t matter what you pick. The second set of options lets you be nice to her. Sweet talk her, or give her a gift, and she will finally do what you ask.

Follow her out to be introduced to Cianfinelli himself. You will be faced with another choice once your conversation in the bank vaults with the dwarf is finished.

Scenario #1 (Worst Option)

Threaten him. You will have to fight the Dwarven guards and once you defeat them, Cianfinelli will pay you 200 crowns and ban you from entering the bank.

Scenario #2 (Better Option)

Offer to give him  a week to make back your money. He will agree and send you in your way. You can either meditate for 7 days or fast travel around until the quest updates. Once it does, go back to the bank and talk to Cianfinelli. He will pay you 500 crowns as well as give you a sword.