Preferred Level – 36

So far, the quests in Blood and Wine have been great, this one being the funniest I’ve played in a while. You have a couple different options to choose from towards the end of the quest and I will walk you through both. Here we go!

The Stolen Stones…

This quest is given to you upon inspecting the Gran’s Place notice board. Select it and follow the icon to meet an artist in need of your help. As the scene will tell you, someone has stolen the…privates… of a special statue and you need to recover them.

Activate your witcher sense at the crime scene and inspect the statue itself as well as the blood on the ground next to it. If you go down the stairs to the left, you will find a piece of cloth stuck to the fence and a diamond saw.

Geralt will pick up a scent which you will need to follow. After interrupting this new duo, you will be confronted by a disgruntled husband. Handle this however you’d like; I cast Axii on him personally.

When the husband is out of the picture, you find yourself facing a choice: Let the man keep the statue’s balls, or make him give them back.

Scenario #1 – Let the man keep them

If you choose to let the old man keep the stones, you will obtain the virtue of Compassion which is needed for a later quest. The man will pay you well and send you on your way back to the artist. Geralt will make up a lie about losing the thief’s trail.

Scenario #2 – Take the stones

You have two options that reach the same conclusion. You can forcefully take the stones and leave the man there or you can let the man keep them for one more day. Either way, you will receive the virtue of Honor. Take them to the artist to collect your reward. He will also allow you to rub the stones for free during one of the walk – throughs.