Blood and Wine is the final DLC/ Expansion that CD Projekt Red is releasing for the game, and so far it’s looking incredible. In this guide I will walk you through the Blood and Wine DLC for story missions, side quests, card locations etc.

This part covers the following story quests:

  • Envoys, Wineboys
  • The Beast of Toussaint

Getting to Toussaint

Upon downloading the DLC you will be greeted with a message giving you options on how to access it. Selecting one will lead you into the first mission of the game…

Story Quest #1 – Envoys, Wineboys (Lvl. 34)

Numerous checkpoints will appear on your map marking notice boards. Your job is to locate a new contract somewhere within Velen. It doesn’t matter which marked board you examine. Upon looking, Geralt will find one looking for him specifically.437194502

You have been summoned to the small village of Holloway by knights of Toussaint. Make your way over there to meet them.


Upon arriving in Holloway, you will be introduced to Sirs Milton and Palmerin. They have every intention of taking you to Toussaint to meet their duchess Lady Anna Henrietta who has a contract for you. But first, they must help the villagers.

A group of bandits invade and the knights are determined to drive them out. You will have a choice to make, but no matter what you say a fight will break out. Help the knights defeat the bandits to continue on.

Battle vs. Bandits

These bandits are nothing special. Take them down as you see fit.

After the fight you will have a little chat with our knights before watching a beautiful cut-scene. Welcome to Toussaint!

Story Quest #2 – The Beast of Toussaint (Lvl. 35)

The second story quest begins as soon as you enter the town. Get ready to fight a giant!

Battle vs. Goylat the Giant

Goylat is a heavy hitter with a temper. Geralt will be thrown if he’s hit by the giant, so be vigilant with your dodge rolls. Cast Quen on yourself asap to help absorb his hits.

Once the giant has fallen, follow the knight to the scene of the murder you are investigating. You will pass up an inn on your way. If you go inside, you can challenge the inn keeper to a game of gwent. Winning nabs you the Siege Technician card for the Skellige deck.

Continuing on, use your Witcher sense to examine the shore. Eventually you will have to dive underwater to acquire more evidence. The knight will tell you to follow him to the inn so you can talk to the fisherman who found the body.

Following your conversation, you will be sent to check up on the men who took the body. But first, we have some preparations to do.

Our next fight could potentially be a difficult one depending on your level. Make sure you have the Black Blood potion and Moon Dust Bombs. Now let’s head to Corvo Bianco.

Once you arrive, investigate the scene using your Witcher sense. Be sure to look at the guards, the over-tuned cart and the cloak lying to the right. Geralt will vocalize his deductions, so lets apply some vampire oil to his sword and head inside the door.


Fight vs. Bruxa

She’s very fast and can turn invisible. Before she does so, chuck a moon bomb at her and it will cover her in silver dust, allowing you to still see her after her invisibility has kicked in. Drink a Black Blood potion right away in case she’s able to jump you. If you don’t have it in your system and she drinks your blood her health will start coming back. Avoid her screams as they can knock you over and stun you.

As soon as she’s defeated, go over to the body and examine it. Geralt will pick up a gross item and stick it in his pocket for later. Now to meet the Duchess!

In order to speak to her Highness, we must find Palmerin. He is sitting outside of the tourney’s gates telling the children stories. Pick whichever option you want and eventually he will inform you that you can’t speak to the Duchess until the tournament is over. You spectate until things go very, very wrong. Let’s go save some people!


Fight vs. Shaelmaar

This beastie is a bit annoying because of its hard shell. Hitting it does nothing but stun Geralt. The trick is to make a noise near one of the walls and have the monster come after you. Dodge away before he makes contact, and it should knock itself out on the wall. Run in and get a few hits before stands up again. As it gets lower in health, the shaelmaar will start hitting you with rows of rocks that sprout from the ground. Simply side step these while trying to stay in one area so he will charge you. If Palmerin’s health bar depletes, it’s ok. He won’t die, but he won’t be able to help you anymore either.

After the scene with the Duchess, you find yourself on a horse riding after her. Follow Her Highness and continue into the palace gardens. We are set on a quest to retrieve a unicorn’s horn and a golden fish. Let’s do it!


Unicorn Horn

Select the unicorn route and follow it until you come across a small patch of grass. People are standing in front of a white horse with a horn strapped to its head. Geralt will try and take the ribbon attached to the horn, and fail. At the back of the clearing is a couple sitting on a blanket. Search the basket to the right of them to grab the basket of carrots. Bring it to the horse to get the ribbon. Now onto the fish.


Golden Fish

Upon selecting the route for the fish, you will be directed to Lover’s Cove. Dive into the water and use your Witcher Sense to find the fish. Once you grab the correct one, it’s snatched away from you. Watch the scene and then meet up with Anna where she is acquiring the egg.

You have the chance to solve the riddle yourself, so do so if you wish.


The answer is greenhouse. Even if you guess it wrong, Anna will figure it out. Now go to the greenhouse and save the knight!

After the scene, you will be set on a chase after our mysterious killer. This ends the Beast of Toussaint quest!