Hellooooooo! Today I bring you a trophy guide for the remastered version of Grim Fandango for the PS4. I achieved the platinum for this awhile back, but after re-playing it recently, I thought I should post a guide!

There are 48 trophies total: 38 bronze, 7 silver, 2 gold and 1 platinum. They will be listed in the order they can be achieved.

 Trophy_GoldThe Right Way

Play the entire game with tank controls. As soon as you have control of Manny, go into your settings and change the controls to tank. Play on that setting for the entire game.

 Trophy_BronzeWhat I Did In The Fat Days Is None Of Your Business. You Know The Rules.

Before leaving for the poisoning, talk to the secretary Eva. Ask her questions about herself and she will eventually say the line above. The trophy will pop once you exit the convo with her.

 Trophy_BronzeGets The Aggression Out, Doesn’t It?

Before the poisoning, use the hole punch on Eva’s desk.

 Trophy_BronzeIt’s Like I’m Not Happy Unless I’m Breathing In The Thick, Black, Nauseating Fumes.

Before leaving for the poisoning you have to talk to Glottis in the garage. Ask him about what he was made to do as well as cars in general for him to say the line above. You will get the trophy as soon as you finish talking with him.

 Trophy_BronzeScaring The Living Is Technically Against The Rules, But We All Do It

Once you arrive at the poisoning, interact with the three humans in the restaurant before opening the body bag. You will get the trophy after scaring all three.

 Trophy_BronzeLousy, Bony Fingers.

Go down to the Day of the Dead celebration and talk to the guy making balloon animals. There should be an option similar to BANG! Choose it to make the guy pop his balloon.

 Trophy_BronzeI Squeezed Down One Of These Tubes, Like A Pixie.

After messing up the machine, go down to it and speak to the big, pink monster who is trying to fix it. Ask him how he got there for this dialogue.

 Trophy_BronzeWell, I Could Do Something Bad Now If That Would Help.

When Meche is seated in your office, ask her every question asking whether she had done anything bad while alive. She will respond with this after you’ve asked her everything.

 Trophy_BronzePrecisamente, Amigo.

Talk to Salvador after he has brought you to his secret base. Learn of the nefarious plot he has uncovered.

 Trophy_BronzeJoin Or Die! Again!

After talking to Salvador, talk to Eva who is sitting at the desk in the secret base. Ask her if she has any messages for you.

 Trophy_Silver“ARROGANT FRAUD” Doesn’t Work.

After getting your orders from Salvador to acquire pigeon eggs, climb up to the first part of the roof. Edge around to the left to find an open window. Entering it leads you into Domino’s office. Interact with his computer to have him try and guess its password. Eventually he will try Arrogant Fraud.

 Trophy_BronzeRun You Pigeon’s! It’s Robert Frost!

Go back down to the balloon animal guy and ask him to make you a Robert Frost balloon animal. Take it up to the roof and wave it around at the pigeon’s. They will fly away and you should get the trophy.

 Trophy_BronzeThe Marrow Of These Trees, Manny, They Suck It Out, It’s Like Cement.

Before you solve the mechanical tower puzzle in the forest after reviving Glottis, talk to him about what they were doing to the trees.

 Trophy_BronzeWe Only Have One Mop

Once you arrive in Rubacava, go into the diner up the stairs and talk to Celso. Ask about job openings and he will ask you about your work experience. This will lead to the trophy once the conversation is over.

 Trophy_BronzeUsed To Scream Like A Banshee When The Trade Winds Blew…

Ask Velasco about his eye patch. Go down to where he is talking to Glottis in Rubacava and choose the dialogue option involving his eye patch.

 Trophy_SilverYear 1

Spend a year in the Eighth Underworld.

 Trophy_BronzeGreat News – We’ve Discovered A New, Secret Talent Of Our Tiny Messengers.

Catch up on how the pigeon’s are doing. As soon as you enter Manny’s office from the balcony, examine his desk near the door. He will pick up some memos from Salvador. Read through all of them to get the trophy.

  Trophy_BronzePlus, We Look Good In These Clothes!

Go downstairs to the sitting area of the bar to see Glottis playing the piano. Strike up a conversation with him and talk about wanting to leave.

 Trophy_BronzeWell Maybe Just A Sip…

After talking to Glottis, go around the back of the bar and pick up the bottle of alcohol. Use it and Manny will take a drink activating the trophy.

 Trophy_BronzeWe Are Citizens Of The Same Nation, And Our King Rides A Pale Horse.

In the casino area of Manny’s club you will see a guy sitting alone at a booth. Go talk to him and you are introduced to Chowchilla Charlie. Ask him about getting a passport and he will spout the above line, giving you a trophy.

 Trophy_BronzeYou’re Not Even Listening To Me!!!

Go back towards the staircase that leads to Manny’s office. There is a check in desk with someone bobbing around behind it. That’s Lupe, Manny’s coat check girl. Talk to her and ask about her new coat check system. When she realizes you don’t actually care, she gets mad and you get a trophy.

 Trophy_BronzeIt Shone, Pale As A Bone…

Over where Velasco is sitting by his ship, there is a dock facing the moon. Run to the end of it towards to moon and examine it. Remember that there are two buttons to examine something, so if one doesn’t get you the trophy then try the other one.

 Trophy_SilverConsider It An Homage

Go into Olivia’s Nightclub and walk up to the mic. Recite your poem (pick whatever phrases you want, it doesn’t have to make sense.). When your finished go talk to Olivia. Ask her to recite poetry numerous times until she goes on stage and recites your poem. After she’ll tell you that was the last poem she would recite, and you’ll get the trophy.

 Trophy_BronzeWe’re Straight Stingers, You Know?

To the left of Olivia’s club you’ll see some Sea Bee’s standing around a fire. Go over and talk to them. They’ll complain about not getting any work. Go through all of the conversation options to get this trophy.

 Trophy_BronzeHere, Let Me Hold That Metal Detector While You Cry…

Go up the elevator right next to Olivia’s Club. Once you reach the top, circle around behind it and up the stairs. You’ll be on a long pathway with a blimp above you. Walk across it and you’ll find yourself at a set of blue stairs. Climb them to meet Carla the security guard. She will tell you about having to frisk people who set off the metal detector and Manny will go through it. Once the scene is finished, pull out the alcohol bottle you snagged from his club and drink it. It has gold flakes in it, so the metal detector will go off even after she’s removed all of your items. Carla will take you to the back and start telling you about her childhood. Do Not Interrupt her! Wait until the option “Here, let me hold that metal detector while you cry” pops up. Select that choice to get the trophy.

 Trophy_BronzeManny, We’ve Given Up. All Of Us.

Go back down to the elevator that takes you up to Olivia’s club. Go down the steps leading away from it and you’ll see a building. Go into the doors that are at the bottom of the building to meet Membrillo. Talk to him about why he hasn’t moved on yet for the trophy.

 Trophy_BronzeCome To See How The Big Boys Play, Eh Manny?

Inside Maximino’s club, there is a big room where Nick the lawyer is seated. On the left side is a doorway you can enter. Once you do so, you will meet Maximino. He should say the line above as soon as you enter, giving you the trophy. However, I have experianced a glitch where he doesn’t say the line you need. If this happens, leave the room and re-enter to reset him.

 Trophy_BronzeSo Sorry, But I Don’t Do “Odd Jobs”.

Talk to Nick in Maximino’s club. After our worker bee friend gets arrested, he asks Manny to help get him out. You can try and convince Nick to represent our friend. Do this to get the trophy.

 Trophy_BronzeOh Yeah, I Could Take You Down.

Go into the kitchen of Max’s club and towards the back is an elevator. A giant lizard man will either be exiting the elevator or sleeping next to it. Talk to him and try to convince him to take you down the elevator.

 Trophy_BronzeOh Rusty Anchor!

Do this before you give Glottis the VIP card. Once you retrieve Lola’s jacket from the coat check, examine it to find a card with a rusty anchor on it. Have this in hand and go talk to Glottis to hear a fun song and get the trophy.

Trophy_BronzeMe, Me, Me-Me-Me!

After releasing our worker bee friend from jail, go back to where they are gathered on the dock. The bees will be protesting and Manny can join in. You will have to chant in time with the chorus of bees after the lead bee chants. Get through all of the chants to get this trophy.

Trophy_SilverYear 2

Spend a second year in the eighth Underworld. This happens automatically when you finish the second stage of your journey.

Trophy_BronzeI Wasn’t Always This Color.

After the shipwreck, Manny and Glottis will be on the ocean floor in a spot of light. A little blue man named Chepito can be seen walking around singing to himself. If you talk to him, you can ask about how long he’s been here on the ocean floor.

 Trophy_Bronze*Sniff* *Sniff*

Make the angelito’s cry. This isn’t very hard to do at all. Go through all of their conversations and they will probably end up crying a few times. Just don’t be overly nice to them and you’ll get the trophy easily.

Trophy_BronzeSave Your Breath…

Try to explain what happened to Meche. On Dom’s ship you can find Meche sitting at a desk outside of Dom’s office. Talk to her and attempt to explain everything to her.

Trophy_SilverOk, How Much Of This Haven’t You Figured Out Calavera?

Go into Dom’s office once you’ve boarded his ship and get him to explain what’s going on via the conversation options.

Trophy_BronzeIt’s A BUST-ALL!

Go down from where you first appear on Dom’s ship and you should find Chepito drilling away at something. Talk to him and bring up bartering tactics to get him to talk about what he’s holding.

Trophy_BronzeStop Showing Off For The Girl!

During the encounter with Dom on the top of his ship, try to legitimately fight him with your scythe. After a bit, he will say the above line and you’ll get the trophy.

Trophy_SilverYear 3

Spend a third year in the eighth underworld. This trophy will pop automatically after completing the third leg of your journey.

Trophy_BronzeHappy Trails Captain

Before doing the puzzles involving Glottis, go down into the train station. You will see Chepito walking around in circles in the station’s fountain. Talk to him and he will decide it’s his time to move on.

Trophy_BronzeI Could Walk Out Of This World And Not Look Back…

After seeing Chepito on his way, have Manny attempt to walk through the archway Chepito just entered. Manny will say the above line to himself before accepting that he still has things he needs to do.

Trophy_BronzeI’m Getting Out Of Here. This World’s For Suckers.

Go outside of the train station and down the stairs to find a coffin. Open it to meet up with Bruno from the beginning of the game again. He storms off to his final resting place after spouting the line above.

Trophy_Bronze…So Large…

Talk to the mini mechanics before attempting the puzzles with Glottis. Bring up Glottis to them and they will eventually say the above line and give you your trophy.

Trophy_SilverOh Lola…

Get this trophy as soon as you get back into Rubacava before doing the Bone Wagon puzzle. Go up to the lighthouse where you left Lola’s body in year 2 and interact with it.

Trophy_BronzeThat’s Not Funny

During the Bone Wagon bomb scenario. Once you’ve discovered how to walk over to the Bone Wagon safely, press the square button to crack a joke to Glottis. This must be done before you diffuse the bomb, which is done by pressing the x button.

Trophy_BronzeManuel! Is Everything Ok?

While in Salvador’s headquarters, play with the radio sitting on a table. Sal will respond with the above line and you will get a trophy.

Trophy_GoldYear 4

Spend your 4th year in the eighth underworld. This trophy will pop at the end of the game once you’ve completed it!

Trophy_PlatinumNumber Nine Ticket

If you’ve managed to get all of the other trophies up to the ending of the game, the platinum will pop. Congrats!!