Ojisan and Marshmallow is a 12 episode, short form anime made by Creators in Pack, Dream Creation and DAX Production.


Never underestimate the power of marshmallows. Especially when it comes to igniting a passionate office romance with an older man! Ojisan to Marshmallow follows the efforts of office lady Iori Wakabayashi and her consistent efforts to lure her much older colleague Habahiro Hige into a romantic relationship. At 24, Wakabayashi is young and beautiful… and attracted to an old, overweight man? Her friends don’t understand her preferences.

Hige’s strong addiction to marshmallows is well known, and Wakabayashi does not hesitate to use them to her advantage, getting her and Hige into many compromising positions and situations. Unfortunately for Wakabayashi, Hige never seems to notice her many attempts at seduction. When will Hige finally notice her strong desire for romance? – MyAnimeList.net

What I Liked About It

The characters are very unique while still being reasonably down to earth. Everyone is someone I could see walking down the street in real life.

It’s an interesting plot, not one I’ve seen yet even in a comedy setting. Wakabayashi gives Hige marshmallows that he loves every time she sees him in an attempt to get him to like her. It’s never really explained why she has such a strong fascination with him, but her main goal is for them to date.

Hige is a likable character. He gives off a very innocent air whereas Wakabayashi gives off the opposite. His obsession with the marshmallows is a bit odd, but there doesn’t seem to be anything gross or dirty about it; he just really likes marshmallows.

I thought Nijimori was super cute. We did get to see into her mind a bit when Wakabayashi talks about her discovery of Nijimori’s real age.

What I Disliked

The story wasn’t strong enough for me to ever watch the show again. It is considered comedy, and while parts of it were funny, I feel like they tried too hard with dirty humor at random times. It felt super disjointed.

I wasn’t a fan of Wakabayashi at all. Weird characters are fine with me, but we got zero background on her except that she really wanted to get with Hige. She was very bland, and not in a good way.

Final Episode (Spoilers)

Wakabayashi confesses to Hige that she likes him and wants to date. He asks if she’s drunk and she quickly says yes to cover for her embarrassment. Hige says he’d always thought she didn’t like him and that she was scary, but was happy to see that she wasn’t scary at all. They go back to the theme park together, and when Wakabayashi offers Hige a marshmallow he asks her to feed it to him.

Final Thoughts

While I’m not a fan of this particular anime, you should still give it a try. It wasn’t terrible and I know that some of you reading will get a kick out of it.

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