Out of the 3 chapters that have been released for the remake of King’s Quest, Once Upon A Climb is my favorite. Adult Graham is awesome, mainly because he’s a HUGE derp. Here are all of the trophies you can acquire in Chapter 3 and how to get them.

Trophy_BronzeA Poisonous Snake!

In the beginning of the chapter, we witness a badger steal a baby owl from its nest. If you try to leave the screen without saving it, you will eventually set off a rant by old Graham. Leave one more time to get the trophy.

Trophy_BronzeGirl’s In The Tower

This is acquired automatically when you climb to the top of the tower.

Trophy_BronzeMoral Quarreler

Win a game of Moral Quarrel. The easiest way to go about this is to first know who you are going for between Vee and Neese. That will help you pick answers that are the same as their own. Once you get three of the same with either one of them you’ll get the trophy.

Trophy_BronzeWedzel Wolf Watch Waiver

During your alone time with Neese you’ll run into a lone Wedzel wolf. The game will automatically put you into the arrow shooting mode, but can choose to shoot or not. If you don’t shoot you’ll get the trophy.

Trophy_BronzeGears of Shore

While on the beach with Vee, Graham will find himself stuck in quicksand. While Vee is finding a way to get you out, grab all of the items around you (umbrella, wheel and buckets). You’ll need to use the umbrella to grab the buckets. Put them all onto the skeleton to get the trophy.

Trophy_BronzeTeenaged Townspeople

When Graham is alone at dinner towards the beginning of the chapter, you will find 3 portraits on the backs of the dining room chairs: Amaya, Bramble and Chester. When you are stuck in the tower, go to the witch’s room and uncover her mirror. Hold up each picture to it to see the towns people when they were younger.

Trophy_SilverHarmonius Husband

Pick the perfect present for Neese. Go for Neese the entire chapter, and at the end Gwendolynn will show her present to Grandma Neese.

Trophy_SilverPerfect Puzzle Partner

Pick the perfect present for Vee. Same as above. Pursue Vee romantically the whole time and Gwendolynn will give her present to Grandma Vee.

Trophy_BronzeAnd They Lived…

Acquired as soon as you finish Chapter 3! This trophy can’t be missed.

That’s it! Thanks for reading!!