Chapter 3 was released a couple days ago from the time I posted this guide, and I love it! So in continued preparation for that, here is the trophy guide for Chapter 2! You will need to play through this particular part 2 – 3 times in order to grab all of these trophies, so get ready to spend some time!!

Trophy_BronzeDistressed Out

This is the first trophy you can acquire. Before leaving the throne room, Graham will step outside to get some air.

Trophy_BronzeThe King Is In A Cent

Throughout this chapter are a few coins that you can collect. Grabbing them all nets you this trophy.

  1. Grab the stool to snag the coin on the legde near the entrance to the Hobblepot’s cell.
  2. Have Amaya knock out the goblin near her cell that is holding the coin. Coin will appear on the table next time you’re there.
  3. After acquiring the growth potion, use it on the vine and climb. Coin will be at the top.
  4. Take all three botls off of the pipes in your cell and the last coin will drop into your bucket.

Trophy_BronzeBooked ‘Em

There are also 3 pages you can find through the Chapter. Just like above, you get this trophy if you can find them all.

  1. While getting the bolt cutters, you will find a page on the wall of stories after the goblins leave the area.
  2. Have Amaya hit the chef goblin over the head. The key he is holding will be on the table next time you come to her cell. Must be done during a different playthrough than when you’re collecting the coins.
  3. One the mushroom. You need the hatchet to get it which you receive when you heal Mr. Fancycakes. Must be done during a seperate playthrough where you sacrifice Bramble.

Trophy_BronzeThe Lost Unicorn

Save Mr. Fancy Cakes. You are given the option to save either Mr. Fancy cakes or Bramble. Getting this trophy leads into also getting the Booked ‘Em trophy.

Trophy_BronzeMedicinal Majesty

Save Bramble. Giving her the healing potion will also lead you to get the A Royal Pain in The Rear and Cell-ebration trophies.

Trophy_BronzeA Royal Pain In The Rear

You must have given Bramble the Cure All. They will hatch a plan to make some poinsoned baked goods. They ask for flower (Which is behind the locked kitchen door), and a root (up the vine you can pour the grow all potion on). They will bake the food. After the scene with the goblins, have Graham take one of the goodies and eat it once he’s back in his cell.


Save all of the Towns people. Mr. Fancy cakes doesn’t count as a townsperson so you must give the Cure All to Bramble. Here’s the easiest way to save them all.

  • On your first day, talk to all of you people and clean up the 4 webs.
  • 2nd Day – Eat your meat. Lower both drawbridges and grab a frog. Capture a fly with said frog by the outhouses. Solve the music box puzzle to get the pea. Grab the frying pan sword, bring it to Amaya, and her hit the goblin holding the coin.
  • 3rd Day – Save your meat and give it to the Hobblepot’s. Also give them the fly to obtain the growth potion. Go to the merchant and buy the Cure- All. Give this to Bramble. Use the growth potion on the vine.
  • 4th Day – Eat your meat and remove the 3 bolts in your cell. Grab the coin. Climb the vines you fed the growth potion to and grab the coin at the top. At the Cinderella scene, use the growth potion where the shoe fell. Find the rose and keep it alive by constantly putting it the water vases on your way to the Hobblepot’s. Leave it in the water vase by their cell.
  • 5th Day – Visit the Merchant and buy the porridge. Give it to the Hobblepot’s along with the pea and the rose. You will get a bomb. Back at the Cinderella scene, take the shoe from its spot on the vine and give it to the goblin with the broom. Use the bomb in the fireplace. Go through the new hole and grab the bolt cutters. Use these to free the Hobblepot’s.

Trophy_BronzeRubble Yell

Escape the goblin prison. Happens as soon as you leave the prison. Can’t be missed as this is part of the story.

Trophy_SilverThe Reign is Just Beginning

Pops as soon as your choices screen shows after completing the Chapter. Can’t be missed!

That’s it for Chapter 2! Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for Chapter 3’s guide coming soon!