Hello and welcome to my King’s Quest trophy guide! Some of these are super silly and worth getting, so hopefully this helps you out! I’ve listed these trophies in the order that you are able to get them in game.

Trophy_BronzeNapping on the Job

This is easily gotten as soon as you encounter your first bed within the Dragon’s cave. Go up to it and hide 3 times for this trophy to pop.

Trophy_BronzeIn the Mouth of Danger

During the scene where you have to tiptoe around the piles of bones. After you’ve successfully hidden from the Dragon’s gaze in the beds, you will see a ladder to the left. Instead of going to it, walk straight up to the Dragon. It will eat you and you’ll get this trophy!

Trophy_BronzeUnicorn Snack Food

After your initial meeting with the merchant, go up to his ‘unicorns’. Talk to Mr. Fancycakes (the ‘unicorn’ with the eye patch). Use your hatchet on him 3 times to get the trophy.

Trophy_BronzeA Secret Entrance

After messing with the ‘unicorns’, walk up the path behind the merchants cart. Follow it all the way into the cave until you hit a dead end.

Trophy_BronzeA Prickly Situation

Get across the river and you’ll come to the path to the well from the beginning of the game. It’s covered in thorns. Walk straight into them until Graham impales himself for this trophy.

Trophy_SilverHelping Hat (1/3)

This trophy is broken up into three parts. The first part starts as soon as you get into the empty town. You can leave through the locked doors, but make sure to shut them behind you! If you successfully keep the wolves out of town by keeping that door shut for the entre chapter, then you have fulfilled the first part of this trophy.

Trophy_BronzeGraham the Basilisk

Before creating the raft to get across the river, you can find a hidden path that allows you to cross on your own. Walk across the water and you’ll get your trophy once you reach the other side.


Once you are sent on your eye fetching quest go to the front entrance of the town and go right. At the bell tree crossroads go up. You will see a steak in a trap. Take the steak and go back to town. Exit through the back door (remember to close it) to the path leading to the well. There are a couple orange bushes shaking. Use the steak on one of them to get attacked by a wolf.


From the front entrance of the town go south. Keep going until you see a red horn sitting by itself. Blow on it until the trophy pops.

Trophy_BronzeFroggy Throat

Continuing from where you acquired the ‘Hornblower’ trophy, go all the way to the south until you come upon the water front full of frogs. Interact with the frogs until you get the trophy.

Trophy_BronzePurple Badger Don’t Care

Get this only after getting the ‘Misteak’ trophy. Take the steak past the pumpkin patch to the right and then south. You will come across a shaking green bush. Use the steak to acquire a badger. Take the badger to the magic shop and dip him in the cauldron. Leave town again via the front and go right. At the statue go up and past the boulder. Keep going until you see signs telling you not to go right. Go right. You will find a picnic sitting beneath the trees. Shake the tree with the beehive and then use the purple badger on the hive.

Trophy_SilverHelping Hat (2/3)

Once you have gotten the ‘purple badger don’t care’ trophy, return to the front of town. Go to the left and take the fruit picker leaning against the wall. Go back to the picnic and use the fruit picker first on the Starfruits in the tree. Once you’ve collected those use the picker on the bee hive.

Trophy_BronzeThat’s the Ticket

Acquire an eye and present it to the guards. There are three ways to go about this.

  1. From the Bridge Troll. Collect the star fruit from the picnic area and the sugar shrooms from the hole underneath the trap. Take them to the baker and have him bake you a pie. Give it to the bridge troll and he will help you out.
  2. Magic shop. Use the badger, after getting the ‘purple badger don’t care’ trophy, on the pumpkin in the pumpkin patch. Take the pumpkin to the magic shop and they’ll make it into a lantern. Dip it in the cauldron and use that as your eye.
  3. Dragon cave. Buy the gardening tool from the smithy and go down the well. Follow the story line to acquire the Dragon’s eye.

Trophy_BronzeDead End Dancer

When you are in the Dragon’s cave with Achaka, you will see him descend a rope. Ignore it for now and continue to the right. Keep going until Old Graham speaks and Young Graham does a little dance.

Trophy_BronzeOpening Knight

When you and Achaka get separated by a locked door, Graham can open a tiny door at the bottom of the normal sized door. Do so three times to get the trophy.

Trophy_BronzeStrong Minded

Beat Acorn in a duel of strength. You must have collected the three troll bridge horn whistles. Go to the floating island and use the first two horns on either side of the island. Duel Acorn and let him knock you off. Use the ball of yarn to trip Acorn up. He will start charging at you. Line him up with one of the pillars so he will knock it down. Repeat this until Graham wins the duel.

Trophy_BronzeFast Feather

Defeat Whisper in a duel of speed. This duel is broken down into three sections.

  1. Don’t let Triumph hit any of the obstacles on the track.
  2. Give Whisper the correct orders.
  3. Dare Whisper so that he fails the race. You may to fail this section once in order to know what dares to use and when you should be using them.

Trophy_SilverHelping Hat (3/3)

For the last part of this trophy you must complete the Hobblepots potion by bringing them the proper ingredients.

  1. Frog’s Breath – After beating Whisper in his duel, take his picture down from the duel board near the statue. Bring it to him down by the frog pond. Ask him to sign it and then ask him to catch you a frog. Bring it to the Hobblepots.
  2. Snoozing Leaf – Past the tree’s where you need to shoot the arrow in order to cross. You can only do this after finishing up with Achaka. You will find the merchant. Protect him and he will give you the leaf.

You will get the trophy at the end of the chapter if you fulfilled all three requirements.

Trophy_SilverThe End?

This trophy will pop after completing all 3 of your duels at the end of the chapter.