Hello! I’m back with another fan theory from one of my favorite games, Final Fantasy 8! I really enjoyed writing my last theory blog, which you can find here: https://thefantasygamer.wordpress.com/2015/12/10/final-fantasy-8-squall-is-dead-theory-game-theories/

This time we are revolving around Ultimecia the main villain of the game. Let me give you a little background info on her before jumping into the theory.

Who Is Ultimecia?

Ultimecia is a time traveling sorceress that lives in a castle located in between time. Still with me? Great.

The first time we meet her is while she is possessing Edea. She can only work through the bodies of other sorceresses due to being located in a sort of time warp. She jumps from Edea to Rinoa using the sorceress Adel to help her. Ultimately the group confronts her in her castle where she proceeds to mess up space time.

Here’s the Theory

Rinoa is Ultimecia. The entire theory is based off of the idea we talked about in my “Squall is Dead’ theory blog. If we were to take Squall dying at the end of disc one as canon, then that particular even would be the trigger for Rinoa’s transformation. Rinoa witnesses him die, someone she was falling for. It sets her down a path of destruction. She eventually becomes a very powerful time bending sorceress. Eventually she finds a way to go back in time and attempt to change the outcome of her life and save her love Squall.

If we look at this then, that would mean the game we are playing is simply a time loop of events that have already occurred, but are being controlled by a future Rinoa. She possesses Edea to ensure Squall doesn’t die and possesses her past self in order to make him fall for her the way she believed he should’ve. What she doesn’t anticipate is the group coming to find her. She is then forced to hurt the one she’s been trying to save. This causes her to restart, once again going back in time to before they met.

Doing this over and over eventually drives her crazy, resulting in the Ultimecia we meet in our game. This time around she lets herself be defeated so that the past version of her can live her life peacefully with Squall.


  • Rinoa and Ultimecia look eerily similar when put next to each other.
  • Rinoa is a sorceress so it is possible for her to one day become as powerful as Ultimecia.
  • Her summon is named Griever. This is the name of the lion head found on Squall’s jewelry. Some people believe that Ulti/Rin named her summon after him.


  • There isn’t any hard evidence to prove this theory at all. It’s all speculation.
  • Rinoa barely knew Squall at the end of disc one. The thought of her going nuts after he dies doesn’t make too much sense.
  • Griever could’ve been a summon long before Squall even existed. In fact, Squall may have named his jewelry after the summon itself.

Final Thoughts

While it’s unlikely, the theory is still fun to think about. It gives you a completely different look on the game as a whole.

Thanks for reading! If you have something you’d like to add, please leave a comment down below! Also, if you have any game theories you’d like me to look into let me know!