Please Tell Me ! Galko-chan is a silly short form anime set in high school. It revolves around 3 friends, Galko, Otako and Ojou, and their weird and inappropriate conversations.

Summary (Spoiler Free)

ko, Otako, Ojō are a “gal,” an otaku, and a proper lady, respectively, and are also good friends. The three high school girls with different perspectives discuss the kinds of secrets you can’t tell boys. – from

What I Liked About It

The story is a very simple one which is a nice break from the crazy plot twists that I’ve been watching lately. Each of the girls have their own very different personalities so you don’t have to worry about confusing them.

The art is very pretty. Each girl definitely reflects her inner thoughts outwardly in her appearance as do the boys. Their interactions are funny and light hearted for the most part, making this a very enjoyable 7 minutes every episode.

What I Disliked

A lot of the conversations were super pervy, most of them stemming from Otako. It was funny at first but eventually it got boring and kind of weird for me.

Final Episode (SPOILERS AHEAD)


After all the awkward talks and misunderstandings are out of the way, the final episode is actually very sweet. It centers around how three totally different people can still be good friends even if their relationship is sometimes difficult.

We get to see how Galko met Otako and Ojou, as well as the origins of their nicknames. No, their names aren’t really Galko, Otako and Ojou. Surprise!

Final Thoughts

Please Tell Me! Galko-chan is a sweet anime at its core. It’s the kind of show I would watch if I need a good laugh or just a silly, mindless show to watch.

I recommend it to those of you who aren’t offended easily and don’t mind high school sitcom-esque short forms.

As always, thank you so much for reading. If you have anything you wanna add to the discussion, please comment down below!