Welcome to part 2 of our Unravel trophy guide! I had a super hard time getting through this level without dying… I rage quit which is why it took so long for this post to be made. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!!

Trophy_GoldNot So Fragile After All (2/12)

As mentioned before, I died a few times during this chapter. That was a problem since this trophy only pops when you get through every stage without dying. If you do find yourself at a checkpoint due to Yarny’s untimely demise you’ll have to completely restart the level. Here are a few places to watch out for.

  • The kite sequence. You have to watch the branches as you’re flying through the air. If it hits a branch more than twice he will fall and you’ll get check pointed.
  • Crabs! If you aren’t careful these buggers will snip you up! Be wary any time one is around.
  • Drowning was my biggest issue. There are a couple of puzzles that hang you over deep water. I can’t tell you how many times Yarny drowned on me.

Trophy_GoldNo Stone Unturned (2/11)

This levels 5 buttons are a bit trickier to find, especially because once you get above the ocean water you don’t want to spend time looking for buttons. Here are the locations of all 5.

  1. During your kite flight on one of the last branches you pass up. It’s hard to see and may require you to restart a couple of times.
  2. Past the first crab we see there is a little pool of water. The button is in the pool but you will drown before you can swim back to safety. Hook a yarn lasso around the stone pipe jutting out of the wall above the button and lower yourself down to it.
  3. This button is under the boardwalk/pier you walk on before beginning the first ocean swinging puzzle. Swing underneath the lip of the pier and lift the latch that is blocking your way. Run all the way to the left under the pier to find your button.
  4. After you complete the first platform jump/swing over the ocean, there is a piece of wood hooked to a chain sitting on the grass where you land. Pull it out and lasso onto the notches above the ones you used to get across the water. Swing all the way back to the left and you will see the button sitting up on the wooden frame.
  5. Upon entering the shed at the end of the level, you start out by swinging from hooks in the ceiling until you reach a little motor boat. If you keep swinging across and passed the boat you will find the last button.

Trophy_SilverEagle Eye

You acquire this trophy when you find the first button out of the 5 hidden buttons in the level. This button is found while you are flying on the kite. It is hidden on one of the last branches you fly passed. Yarny has to touch it while flying in order for it to count.

Trophy_BronzeWatch the Waves

This trophy is given to you automatically once you reach the end of chapter 2.