Welcome to the first of twelve trophy guides for Unravel, a plat-former where you control Yarny. Yarny is a little red doll made out of yarn going on an adventure through the Swedish countryside. The first chapter of his adventure is titled Thistle and Weeds!

Trophy_GoldNot So Fragile After All (1/12)

This trophy is given if you can make it through each of the 12 levels without dying. This is difficult, so for every chapter I will tell you about the hardest areas of the level.

  • Yarny can easily drown when you reach the pond in Thistle and Weeds. You must push all of the apples into the water before attempting to cross.

Trophy_GoldNo Stone Unturned (1/11)

In each level, except chapter 11, there are 5 buttons to be found. Some of the are easy while others are much more difficult to find. Here they are for Chapter 1.

  1. When swinging through the trees, you will find a bird house. Jump over it and lower down all the way to the ground. The button will be there covered by thistles that must be pulled down.
  2. Once you hit the sunflowers drop to the ground. Run past all flowers to find the button behind the third set of thistles.
  3. After you crash the bike and start climbing trees again. Stop at the first knot on the second tree and lower down.
  4. At the see saw push your block all the way to the right and climb up left side of see saw. Lasso to nearby tree to find button.
  5. Once you’ve entered the shed climb up the ladder with the block. Go to the left first to find the last button in a hanging flower pot.


Every chapter has its own special hidden trophy. Chapter 1’s pops when you pull down all 6 thistles in the same play through.

  1. Right before first button. Pass up the birdhouse when swinging through the first set of trees and lower down to the ground.
  2. When you see the lawn chair run past it and continue off porch.
  3. Before jumping on the sunflowers on the ground right before finding second button.
  4. After passing up the sunflowers and descending the ramp.
  5. Right after encountering the second memory.
  6. Run past the sandbox to find the last group of thistles near the see saw.

Trophy_BronzeMissing Piece

This is automatically obtained when finishing the chapter.