Almost finished with this series of trophy guides! I finished up the game for the 3rd time yesterday and I’ve gotta say, certain parts still make me cry…

Trophy_BronzeDark Room

Finish Episode 4: Dark Room


Take first optional photo in Episode 4. Once you’re back in Max’s original timeline, position yourself behind Chloe while she’s sitting at her desk. You should see an option to take a photo.

Trophy_BronzeTime – Lapsed

Take second optional photo in Episode 4. When exploring the Price’s garage, you can find a bird nest hidden beneath a board behind where David’s car used to be. Move the board and take the picture.


Take third optional photo in Episode 4. Outside of the girl’s dorms you’ll find a small rock pile situated in front of the Tobanga (Native American Totem Pole Statue). This is your next picture.

Trophy_BronzeRange Finder

Take fourth optional photo in Episode 4. Go talk to Samuel before leaving the front part of the girl’s dorms. Bring up the squirrels and he will say it’s time to feed them. One squirrel will run up and eat. Take food from Samuel’s box and throw it to the second nearby squirrel. Back up a little and allow it to join its friend. Take a photo of them together.

Trophy_BronzeGamma Value

Take fifth optional photo in Episode 4. When investigating the boy’s dorm, go down the right side of the hallway where a bunch of toilet paper is scattered. Look out a window to find giant footprints sitting in the grass. Take a pic.

Trophy_BronzeDi-optic Power

Take sixth optional photo in Episode 4. While visiting Frank you can examine the beach. There are 3 dead whales sitting on the shore. You can take a picture of the one in the middle.

Trophy_BronzeFish eye

Take seventh optional photo in Episode 4. Before entering the barn go over to the left side. There is a bird sitting on the fence that will fly away when you approach. Rewind until it’s back on the fence and take a picture.

Trophy_BronzeManually Exposed

Take eighth optional photo in Episode 4. Once inside the barn and after you’ve climbed up to the top of the platforms, wait a second before attaching the rope to the green generator thing. Go towards the back of the highest platform to find a sleeping owl. Take its picture.

Trophy_BronzeSlide Show

Take ninth optional photo in Episode 4. As soon as you enter the Vortex Club party, swing around to the opposite side of the life guard tower. Look up and out the window near the ceiling. You should see two moons. Position yourself until you see an option to take a photo.


Take tenth optional photo in Episode 4. Before entering the VIP part of the party, take the door right next to the guest list table. Inside you’ll find a bunch of people chilling in the bathroom. Turn to look towards Justin who is standing by the sink. The wall covering up his lower body has a picture of the lower half of a skeleton on it. Line the graffiti up with Justin’s upper half and take the cool shot.


Take all optional photos in Episode 4: Dark Room