Here’s the halfway mark for my Life Is Strange trophy guides.

Trophy_BronzeChaos Theory

Finish Episode 3 – Chaos Theory

Trophy_BronzeParallax View

Take first optional photo in Episode 3. Exit Max’s room and talk to Dana in her bedroom. This allows you into Victoria’s room. On her nightstand is an action figure girl. Shine Max’s light on it for a couple seconds and then angle yourself until an option to take a photo appears.


Take second optional photo in Episode 3. After exiting the girl’s dorm, go back to the bench where we gave a squirrel a doughnut in the last episode. There is another squirrel playing with fireflies there. When you approach, it runs away. Stand by the bench and rewind until the squirrel comes back. Take the picture.

Trophy_BronzeThe Reflex

Take third optional photo in Episode 3. Once you are inside of the school, go into the science room. Turn on the fish tank light and take a picture of the fish.


Take fourth optional photo in Episode 3. In the same room as photo #3, go towards the door on the opposite side of Ms. Grant’s desk. There is a skeleton with a cigarette in its mouth. This is your next photo.


Take fifth optional photo in Episode 3. After breaking into the principles office, angle Max to be looking at both Chloe behind the desk, and the bronze bird on the desk. Take the picture when the option presents itself.


Take sixth optional photo in Episode 3. This one can be found in Chloe’s bathroom. Position Max in front of the mirror and take your picture.

Trophy_BronzeRAW Strength

Take seventh optional photo in Episode 3. There is a bird in Chloe’s living room by the garage door. Scare it and it will fly to the fireplace. Go open the window behind the kitchen table and then scare the bird again. This time it will fly outside. Go into the backyard and take a picture of it on the fence.


Take eighth optional photo in Episode 3. Talk to the trucker standing outside of the Two Whales diner. Bring up Rachel Amber and the man will bring up the type of truck he drives. Rewind and talk to him about the truck. He will allow you to photograph it.


Take ninth optional photo in Episode 3. On the right side of the Two Whales diner there is a dead bird surrounded by a bunch of ants. This is your photo.


Take tenth optional photo in Episode 3. This photo is obtained when you’re interacting with Chloe’s dad. After he snaps a pic of you and Chloe, grab his camera off of the counter and take a pic of him and Chloe.

Trophy_BronzeCamera Eye

Take all optional photos in Episode 3: Chaos Theory.