Hello! This blog will explain where the 10 post cards are within Traverse Town in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD! Each post card gives you a decent item, and if you’re OCD like me, you’ll feel much better once you’ve gotten them all.

  1. Found when using the blue trinity mark in front of the cafe. It takes you up to a balcony with a treasure chest. Inside is the post card. For your first card the mailbox will give you a Cottage.
  2. Found in the Item Shop. Stand on the stairs inside the shop and lock onto the fan. Jump off the stairs and smack the fan with your keyblade to collect the postcard. For your second card the mailbox will give you a Mythril Shard.
  3. Found on top of Cid’s Accessory Shop. Most people wait until they have high jump and glide to grab this but you can obtain this card on your first visit with some well placed crates. The crates are lying around the first district. If you stack them gently you can jump onto the roof and grab the card out of it’s chest. For your third card the mailbox will give you a mega – potion.
  4. Found in the 2nd District. After you’re first encounter with the Heartless turn to the right of the main doors you came through. There is a shop with a top hat on it as well as a treasure chest. If you jump on the nearby lantern you can leap from it to the overhang that the chest sits on. For your 4th card you will receive a mega – ether.
  5. Can only be obtained after the Guard Armor fight. Once you defeat the boss go back to the first district and jump into the little alcove that has a giant yellow smiling face floating above it. There is a blue safe that you can unlock that holds the postcard. For number five you will receive a Mythril.
  6. Must have Thunder magic. Visit the Third District and target the wires to the left of the giant door that leads to the First District. Cast thunder on them to start the gears in the Gizmo Shop. Visit the shop and press down all three buttons within via the lifts. Examine the clock in the shop twice to grab 2 postcards. For these 2 cards you will receive an Elixir and a Megalixir.
  7. See above
  8. This is easily grabbed on your second trip to Traverse Town. Before ringing the bell at the top of the Gizmo shop to summon the boss, jump from the shops roof to the neighboring house’s roof. Continue to the next roof and enter the tiny doorway when you can no longer continue. You will pop up on a balcony in the Third District. Lock on to the corner to obtain the postcard. The mailbox will give you an Orichalcum.
  9. You must be able to activate the green trinities. Do so inside the Accessory shop to have access to the Synthesis shop above. Inspect the wall with papers on it behind one of the moogles for this postcard. The box will give you an AP Up.
  10. This final card can only be found once you’ve completed Monstro. In the first district a previously empty house near the Accessory shop will now be inhabited by Gepetto. Examine a small pot on one of his shelves for the postcard. Your final prize is a Defense UP.

Congrats on having the patience to constantly revisit Travers to Accomplish this! You do not get a trophy for it, but at least you’ll feel good knowing you found them all!!