Welcome to my file locations for Resident Evil 0! I know it’s a bit late but I finally got all of my trophy guides out so I thought I would get this one done as well! Here we go!!!!!

There are 29 files you can collect throughout the course of the game, I will be breaking them up via area they are found in.

Train Files (1-9)

  • Player Manual 1: Found in Rebbecca’s inventory at the start of the game.
  • Player Manual 2: Given after teaming up with Billy.
  • Court Order of Transportation: Found in Rebbecca’s inventory at the start of the game.
  • Investigation Orders: Found in Cabin room 201 on 1st floor
  • Passengers Diary: Cabin room 202 on 1st floor
  • Note from Conductor: Conductor’s Office on 1st floor
  • Notice to Supervisors: Dining Car on the 1st floor
  • Hookshot Operator’s Manual: Received after obtaining Hookshot at the end of the train.
  • Brake Operation Manual: Engine Cab 1st floor (opposite end of train from where the hookshot is acquired).

Training Facility Files (10 – 19)

  • Micro Film Image: Projection Room 1st floor (found after obtaining Micro Films A and B)
  • Regulations for Trainees: Lecture Room, 2nd floor (found on desk in the back row)
  • Notice to All Staff: Living Room, 2nd floor
  • Marcus’s Diary 1: Marcus’s office, 2nd floor (found after beating chess game)
  • Assistant Directors Diary: Assistant Directors Office, 2nd floor
  • A Verse of Poetry: Private Study Room, 2nd floor
  • 1st Investigation Unit Notes: Medicine Room, 2nd floor
  • Inmates List: Basement Save Room, Basement 1
  • About the Power Regulator: Torture Room B, Basement 1
  • Management Trainees Diary: Bunk Room B, Basement 2

Laboratory Files (20 – 25)

  • Lab Managers Diary: Leech Room, Basement 1
  • Leech Growth Records: Leech Lab, Basement 1
  • B.O.W Report: Breeding Room, Basement 1
  • Investigators Report: Operating Room, Basement 1
  • Marcus’s Diary 2: Library, Lab Basement 2
  • Old Photo: Marcus’s Study: Basement 2

Treatment Plant Files (26-29)

  • Gate Operational Manual: Cargo Room, 1st floor
  • Investigators Report 2: Generator Room 2nd floor, Basement 6
  • About Battery Fluid: Lodgings, Basement 6
  • Treatment Plant Managers Diary: Cargo Control Room, Basement 7

There they all are! All 29 files and their locations. I hope this helped, and thank you so much for reading!!!