Welcome to the final trophy guide for Resident Evil 0! This covers the trophies obtained when playing a no heal or save run. I recommend attempting this when you have at least 3 hours to spare on easy mode with unlimited ammo. Unlimited ammo is acquired by completing Leech Hunter mode.

Trophy_SilverS Is For S.T.A.R.S

Finish the game with Rank S. This is done by completing the game as fast as you can while doing as little backtracking as possible.

Trophy_SilverWho’s Got The Herb

Finish the game without combining herbs. This is easy, just don’t combine herbs. In fact, don’t pick them up at all.

Trophy_GoldSave Your Prayers

Finish the game without saving. You’ll need at least a good 3 hours in order to accomplish this. You also won’t need to pick up any Ink Ribbons.

Trophy_SilverAllergic To First Aid Spray

Finish the game without using a first aid spray. Don’t even pick them up. You don’t want to waste the inventory space.

Trophy_SilverThis Is Serious Business

Finish the game without using recovery items, including the Green Chemical. When you acquire the Green Chemical, place it in your mixing kit and don’t touch it until he time comes to mix it.

That’s it, every trophy in the game has been covered in these trophy guides. If you choose to do this run last, you should acquire the platinum trophy at the end of this play-through! Thanks for reading!!!!