These trophies aren’t really part of the main game, but they are a part of getting the platinum trophy.

Trophy_SilverFrom Zero To Hero

Finish the game on Hard mode. This is easier to do after beating the leech hunter mode and opening unlimited ammo on your guns.

Trophy_SilverI Could Shoot You Know

The final 3 weapons needed for this trophy can only be acquired by finishing the game at least once.

  • Magnum Revolver – Appears in room 202 on the train after getting a B rank in Leech Hunter mode.
  • Sub-Machine gun – Finish the game within 4 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. Gun will appear in Billy’s inventory on normal or hard mode only.
  • Infinite Rocket Launcher – Beat the game withing 3 hours, 29 minutes and 59 seconds and this gun will appear in Rebbecca’s inventory on normal or hard mode only.

Trophy_SilverWelcome To Team Wesker

Put on a team Wesker costume. The costume is unlocked for Rebbecca after finishing the game in Wesker mode. Wesker mode is unlocked once you finish the game on any difficulty.

Trophy_BronzeTrying Out New Things

This pops during the results screen after playing Leech Hunter Mode for the first time.

Trophy_SilverA Weird Interest In Leeches

Finish Leech Hunter with a Rank A. This is done by collecting all 100 leech charms, 50 blue and 50 green, and leaving the mansion alive.

Trophy_BronzeLeech Shaped Hole In My Heart

Finish Leech Hunter with a Rank E or above. Reaching Rank E only requires collecting at least 1 leech charm and exiting the mansion alive.

Trophy_SilverWho Needs Partners?

Collect all 50 leech charms of one color and leave the mansion alive.

Trophy_SilverDistracted From The Hunt

Kill every enemy in Leech Hunter mode. Explore the mansion and kill all of the enemies. Start collecting leeches until you hit 90 charms. Once 90 have been acquired, 22 more zombies and a plague crawler will re-spawn. Kill them before collecting the last 10 charms.

Trophy_Silver20/20 Vision

Kill 50 enemies with the Death Stare at full charge. This is Wesker’s attack in Wesker mode. He glows red when it is fully charged. All enemies count towards this so kill as many as you can with it to pop the trophy.

Trophy_PlatinumWanna Go For A Ride?

Earn all trophies in Resident Evil 0.