Hello! This is the last trophy guide for the story, but there will be two more afterwards to finish up the extra trophies. Let’s do it!

Trophy_BronzeTreatment Plant Complete

You’ll get this trophy once you finish the game.

Trophy_BronzeProto Tyrant Down Again

This battle is similar to the first, however, this time you have Billy. I recommend you equip him with something like a shotgun while giving Rebbecca the the Magnum. Try to stay behind Tyrant and don’t shoot him while he’s going through his injury animation, you’ll only waste bullets.

Trophy_BronzeHey Queenie! Feast On This!

This trophy will pop after defeating the Queen Leech for the second time. The only advice I really have is to keep your distance in both battles.

Trophy_SilverThat’s Officer Chambers To You (Parts 3&4/4)

The final two bosses, Tyrant and Queen Leech, as well as Stinger and the Infected Bat must be defeated by Rebbecca. The easiest way to go about this is to either un-equip any weapon from Billy, or turn his partner attack mode off so he doesn’t deal any damage.

Trophy_BronzeFileophile (Part 4/4)

The final 4 files, numbers 26 – 29, can be found in the Treatment Plant. Click here, (https://thefantasygamer.wordpress.com/2016/02/27/resident-evil-0-file-locations/) for a blog on all of their locations.

Trophy_BronzeApprentice Of Unlocking

Keys 11 – 13 can be found in this final area.

  • Keycard – Found on ledge in front of forklift. Must use the high powered battery in order to obtain.
  • Shaft Key L – Found on the ground after first battle with the Queen Leech.
  • Shaft Key R – Found on the ground after first battle with the Queen Leech.

That’s all for now! The next two guides will round up the final trophies. Thanks for reading!