Welcome to the third part of my Resident Evil 0 trophy guide!! We are almost done!

Trophy_BronzeLaboratory Complete

You will get this trophy upon finishing the laboratory section of the game.

Trophy_BronzeDie, Devil Bird!

Boss fight trophy. The easiest way to beat this giant bat is to take your grenade launcher with you. The bat’s health isn’t very large, but take some back up grenades just in case.

Trophy_SilverThat’s Officer Chambers To You (Part 2/4)

Have Rebbecca fight every boss in the game herself besides Centurion. When fighting off the Infected Bat, make sure Rebbecca is the one doing the fighting. Doing so will help you on your way towards this trophy.

Trophy_BronzeFileophile (Part 3/4)

Within the Lab we can find files 20 – 25. Click here (https://thefantasygamer.wordpress.com/2016/02/27/resident-evil-0-file-locations/) for a guide on where to find all of the files.

Trophy_BronzeApprentice of Unlocking

In the Laboratory we can find keys 8 – 10.

  • Breeding Room Key – Found in the Gas Chamber within the Laboratory.
  • Elevator Key – Found on ground near west elevator on floor B4.
  • Up Key – Found on floor next to wall of monitors in Turntable Monitor Room on floor B1.

Trophy_SilverI Could Shoot, You Know

The final weapon you can find in a regular play-through of this game is number 13 on our list.

  • Magnum – Can be found in the Cable Car at the end of the Laboratory.

Trophy_SilverWinged Spawn of Satan

This must be done during the Infected Bat boss fight. He has a mob of tiny bats that will fly around and attack. The goal is to take down 16 of these little ones before killing the big baddie. Switch to your handgun and try to avoid hitting the big bat, he doesn’t have much health. Once the trophy pops, switch to your grenade launcher and take him out.

Trophy_BronzeOn Leather Wings

This trophy must also be done during the Infected Bat fight. Allow the bat to lift you up before killing it. This trophy will pop as soon as he grabs you.

That’s it for this section of the guide! Hopefully this helps you in your play – through of the game. See you later!!