Welcome to part 2 of our Resident Evil 0 trophy guide! This part will cover the trophies you can acquire while playing through the Training Facility.

Trophy_BronzeTraining Facility Complete

You get this as soon as you leave the training facility via the Observatory.

Trophy_Bronze Centurion Disciplinarian

Defeat the Centurion with Billy. This boss has a pattern. It has 2 spots it will stop at while holding Rebbecca. Stay away from it until it stops because Billy can be hurt by its legs. Once it stops shoot at it with the shotgun and/or grenade launcher. Depending on your difficulty setting, you may need to use both weapons.

Trophy_BronzeDead, Dead, Deadski

If you weren’t able to grab this during the Train, you can get it here. During the basement section while Rebbecca is waiting to be saved, go through the door that unlocks in the first giant spider hallway. Inside are 2 zombies. The one under the bed playing dead will grab you if you get too close. Push all buttons on your controller while grappling with him to stomp him to death.

Trophy_BronzeAlley – Oop

I recommend attempting this with the Eliminator Ape’s. There are a few groups of 3 you can find throughout the basement area. Kill the others until you are only fighting 1 ape. Stand far enough away so that you have a full view of it. Have your shotgun/ grenade launcher ready, and when it jumps shoot it out of the air.

Trophy_BronzeCustom To Bust ‘Em

Create a custom handgun. In the basement area of the Training Facility, there is an extra room you can find after saving Rebbecca. Two Plague Crawlers are facing away from you guarding a key. Take them out, grab the key, and continue to the control room where you obtain the Water Key. There is a locker in there that the key opens. Inside you’ll find the Duralumin Case. Examine it, input the code (385), and acquire the Handgun parts. Combine the pats with your handgun to get this trophy.

Trophy_BronzeGreen Is The Color

For this trophy you need the green chemical. You can find it in the Infirmary, which is in the same hallway as the chess room. Kill the zombie doctors wandering around and examine the tall green canister in the corner. Put the green chemical into Rebbecca’s mixing kit and use it. After the trophy pops, examine it again and put more in your kit. Keep it for later.

Trophy_SilverI Have The Touch

Do this on Easy mode. The Mimicry Marcus’s are hard in general, but for this trophy you must kill the very first one you meet with a knife only. The first one you fight is in the bathroom. Make sure Billy is equipped with healing items and his knife. Knife the jerk, checking your health and healing as needed. Once the battle is over you’ll get the trophy. Side note: It’s easier to keep Rebbecca in the main hall so you don’t have to worry about her dying.

Trophy_BronzeHow ‘Bout A Light, Bud?

After getting the above trophy, collect the as canister and empty bottles in the bathroom. Craft Molotov Cocktails before exiting. Another Mimicry Marcus will be waiting for you in the hallway. 3 cocktails should be enough to take him down and snag this trophy.

Trophy_BronzeFileophile (Part 2/4)

Within the Training Facility you can find files 10-19. Click here (https://thefantasygamer.wordpress.com/2016/02/27/resident-evil-0-file-locations/) for a guide on all the file locations.

Trophy_BronzeApprentice of Unlocking

In the Training Facility you can find keys 5-7.

  • #5 – Fire Key: This is found in the Wet room. Have Billy turn the crank that lifts a metal cage up. Have Rebbecca grab the key. Picking it up triggers the Centurion boss fight.
  • #6 – Water Key: Found in Training area in basement. Have Rebbecca stay up top and control the gates. When Billy grabs the key, you will be forced to fight Hunters. You NEED a grenade launcher for these enemies.
  • #7 – Locker Key: This is an optional, and miss-able, key. In the basement after saving Rebbecca, there is a room you can find that has 2 Plague Crawlers in it. Kill them and grab this key. It opens the locker in the same area where you pick up the Water Key.

Trophy_BronzeFind Time To Combine

This trophy pops when you make every possible combination of herb. Since you have access to blue herbs in the Training Facility, this trophy is possible to get. Here are the combinations you must make:

  • Green + Green
  • Green + Green + Green
  • Green + Red
  • Green + Red + Blue
  • Green + Blue
  • Green + Green + Blue

Trophy_SilverI Could Shoot, You Know

At least 2 play-throughs are needed to obtain this trophy, probably more. But for this area you can find weapons 7 – 11 (12).

  • Shotgun – Can be found in the same room as the black statue. (1F)
  • Grenade Launcher – In room in Hallway leading to stairs that go up to the Wet Room where the Centurion fight takes place.
  • Acid Grenades – Found in basement
  • Napalm Grenades – Found in basement
  • Custom Stars Handgun – Find locker key and open locker. Combine handgun parts to Rebbecca’s Stars gun to create.
  • Custom Handgun – This is made when you customize Billy’s handgun. You can’t make both in one play-through. I’m not sure if saving and re-loading your game to make both guns will effect this trophy.

Trophy_BronzeCalm The Zombie Nerves

Once to find the bar area, have Rebbecca play the piano before Billy.

Trophy_BronzeI’m a Medic, Not a Bodybuilder

In the library there is a bookshelf you must push in order to find a book. Try pushing it with Rebbecca first to get this trophy.

That’s it for the Training Facility! Hopefully this helps you with your play-throughs!!!!!