Here is the beginning of the trophy list for the PS4 version of Resident Evil 0. I’m adding to it in chunks as I play through it and collect the trophies. Hopefully this helps out with your own playthroughs!

Trophy_Bronze Train Complete

This trophy shows up as soon as you finish the first section in Resident Evil 0, the train.

Trophy_BronzeTaking the Sting Out

Stinger is the first boss you encounter while in the train. This giant scorpion is pretty easy as long as you are ready before encountering it. After making your way through the second floor bar area and picking up the ice pick in the next car, equip your hunters rifle. Go back into the bar and watch the scene. When shooting, aim towards the ground. You want to hit it in its head as many times as possible so that it can’t get to you. If you do happen to get hit, make sure you have healing items waiting.

Trophy_Silver(Part 1 of 4) That’s Officer Chambers to You!

This trophy pops when Rebbecca defeats every boss in the game herself (besides Centurion). The first part of this trophy can be accomplished after fighting the Stinger battle.

Trophy_BronzeZero In

You can get this trophy by getting a critical head shot (aka blowing a zombies head off in one shot) I got this the first time you control Billy without Rebbecca when he’s exploring the dining car that’s on fire. I’ve only ever done this with Billy.

Trophy_BronzeBurned Alive

The easiest way to get this trophy is to kill a zombie with Molotov Cocktails. Shooting the zombies with a handgun first a couple of times will guarantee a kill via fire if you hit them with a cocktail after.

Trophy_BronzeThis Is How You Recycle

Create a Molotov Cocktail. As soon as find gas cans and bottles in the train, combine them to create these handy weapons.

Trophy_BronzeFashion Plate

Easiest trophy in the game. Simply change Rebbecca or Billy into a costume. This can be done by switching Rebbecca’s mixing kit to the briefcase. In my game, her leather outfit was automatically in the case, so you don’t have to spend any money if you don’t want to.

Trophy_BronzeHere I Come To Save the Day

While in control of both characters, allow the one you aren’t controlling to get attacked by a zombie. Use your character to shoot the zombie off, effectively saving your partner and earning this trophy.

Trophy_BronzeGuns Are Too Quick

Kill an enemy with the knife. As far as zombies are concerned, the easiest way to go about this is to shoot them a couple of times first with your handgun and then slice them up with your knife until they die. This way you are only in close quarters with them for a few seconds.

Trophy_BronzeMisdirected Hostility

You can acquire this trophy once you get a hold of the hunting rifle. Equip it and find a zombie. Aim downwards when it is close enough to blow off one of it’s legs. If you don’t kill it, this can lead you into the next trophy…

Trophy_BronzeDead, Dead, Deadski

The only way that I know of to get this trophy during the train section is by first getting the above trophy. Blow a zombies leg off with the hunting rifle while keeping it alive. The zombie will crawl at you. Allow it to grab you. Push all of your controller’s buttons and your character will stomp the zombie to death.

Trophy_BronzeSit, Boy, Sit! Good Dog

The first time you encounter a Cerberus (a dog) allow it to attack you. Shake it off and this trophy will pop.

Trophy_Bronze(Part 1 of 4) Fileophile

You get this throughout the entire game by finding random files and notes. The train contains 9/28. Click here ( for a guide I’ve written on how to find these files.

Trophy_BronzeApprentice of Unlocking (4/13 keys)

Throughout the game you find keys that open locked doors. In the train area you find these 4 out of the 14 total you can use.

  • Key to Dining Car – found on body in train car #2
  • Key to Conductors Room – found in locked room within Dining Car. You must fall in from above
  • Blue Keycard – must acquire silver and gold ring to open briefcase found in Conductor’s Room. Keycard is inside.
  • Magnetic Keycard – found in Engine Room. Required to finish Train section

Trophy_SilverI Could Shoot, You Know (6/16 weapons)

There are 16 weapons available in game and 6 of them can be found on the train.

  • Star’s Handgun – Rebbecca’s default
  • Normal Handgun – Billy’s default gun
  • Knife #1 – Billy’s other default weapon
  • Knife #2 – Found in same room that holds the jewelry box containing silver ring
  • Hunting Rifle – Room 101
  • Molotov Cocktail – Can be created as soon as you have access to gas cans and empty bottles

That’s it for the Train section of Resident Evil 0! Stay tuned for more trophy guides coming soon!!!!!!