Hello! I’ve been really excited to write this review because of how unique this show is. Kagewani is a short form monster horror anime spanning 13 episodes. Each episode is a little over 7 minutes long.


Art Style

The first thing I noticed about this show was its art. It looks like paper doll watercolor. I know that sounds weird, and in any other genre I don’t think it would’ve worked. But when you mix it with the horror aspect of the show, especially because it revolves around monsters, it adds a whole new element of fright. You don’t know what to expect. You don’t know how these creatures are going to look because the medium is a very under used one. It’s absolutely fantastic as well as scary in the best way.

Rating – 5/5

kagewani 3

Voice Acting

As of the day this review is being written, the show has only been recorded in  Japanese. The actors have very done to earth, realistic voices that fit the idea of this whole thing taking place in the real world. No one is obnoxious and the different tones of fear they bring to life may give you chills down your spine. They made me feel for the characters and wish that I could help them out of their predicaments.

Rating – 5/5

kagewani 2


As usual the story should be the meatiest part of any show, and here it is. Each episode can be its own stand alone story if it wanted to be. They all start out with new characters having to face different monsters while our main character, Sōsuke Banba, comes in to help finish off the beast. Banba is a scientist who is trying to find the reason these horrifying things keep showing up to terrorize innocent people.

You find out more about why Banba is so interested in tiny bits scattered throughout each episode. The final 2 episodes bring everything we’ve learned together to reveal the bigger picture. It makes me super excited to see if they’re planning on a second season. I was never bored and each new episode kept me awaiting anxiously to see what new baddie they were going to introduce.

Rating – 5/5

kagewani 4

Character Development

As I said above, the characters you meet change in almost every episode. This makes a character development category a little difficult. However, Professor Banba and one of his old students are shown numerous times. I won’t get too into talking about his student because that will bring spoilers into it. And we don’t want that! So let’s talk about Banba.

He doesn’t change much throughout the season. He has one goal in mind and he does everything he can to reach it. I wouldn’t say he develops as a character at all, but he has a very open minded personality that helps in his monster research.

Rating – 2/5

kagewani 5

Intro/Outro Music

I know a lot of people don’t really care about this particular area of a show, but to me it’s really important. In this respect however, it doesn’t matter. Kagewani doesn’t have any opening or ending songs. This is pretty typical of a short form anime. Because of this I am not including a rating in this particular area. It would be unfair to rate something that isn’t there.

Total Rating – 17/20

This is a fantastic anime that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in horror and suspense. You can sit and watch the entire season in about an hour and a half, and it can be found on Crunchyroll!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy this awesome show!!!!