I’m so behind!!! Winter 2016’s anime is starting today and I haven’t even done my Fall 2015 round – up!!!! What is this nonsense?! Luckily the round-up is a small one, so let’s do it now!!!

There are 3 shows I actually watched consistently throughout the Fall.


  1. Kagewani

This show actually made my top 3 anime of this year, so it’s a good one. Kagewani is a short form, monster horror anime. Every episode is about 7 minutes long and they all feel like individual stories until the last few episodes. If you’re into horror i definitely recommend it. You can watch all 13 episodes in an hour and a half.

beautiful bones

2) Beautiful Bones

I originally got into Beautiful Bones because it was pitched to me as BBC’s Sherlock mixed with the TV show Bones. Watching it completely through, I can see how people would get that vibe. Sakarako – san is definitely obsessed with bones. It’s so bad that at some points that the teenage boy that hangs out with her has to call the cops in order for her to let human bones get properly buried.

Despite it sounding kind of cheesy, this show is actually really good. There is a deeper story between the two main characters and all of the people they help have pretty interesting and sad stories themselves. The last couple of episodes begin a story arc that I’m really excited to see in the next season.

brave beats

3) Brave Beats

This is a weird show. It’s all about 2 middle schoolers who have to use the power of dance to save people and collect dance stones. It’s a very silly but it’s one of those anime’s that I can’t stop watching. The plot isn’t great, the animation reminds me of pokemon, but the music is really good. It has the best opening song in my opinion.


These 3 shows aren’t the best of the season (except Kagewani), but they are the 3 that I kept up with every week! Stay tuned for my Winter 2016 Anime list as well as my Kagewani review!!! Thanks for reading 🙂