Hello and welcome to my top 3 animes’ of 2015 list! This is the obligatory end of the year list that everyone puts out, so of course I had to join in! I decided to only do my top 3 in order to focus on my true favorites instead of stretching things out too much. With that being said, let’s get started!

#3 – I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying.

i cant 2

Technically the second season came out in 2015, but since I watched both together I decided to include this show as a whole. ICUWMHIS is a cute, true to life short form anime about a normal lady who married an otaku. It spans 2 seasons each containing 13 episodes. It ranges from silly randomness to more serious topics such as money problems and what it means to start a family.

Why It’s One Of My Favorites…

I love the relationship between Kaoru and Hajime. They are so different, but that’s where they flourish. They accept each other despite their differences and love each other for who they are as people. The problems they go through are very true to life  while staying lighthearted and funny.

#2 – Kagewani

kagewani 2

This short form anime is based in the horror genre. I’m usually pretty wary of horror animes’ because I’ve yet to find one that wasn’t just full of gore. While Kagewani has its share of blood, it’s used in a tasteful way that compliments the storytelling. Kagewani follows Sōsuke Banba, a scientist who follows reports of monsters appearing in our world. Each 7 minute episode is like its own story with new characters and horrifying monsters. Only towards the end do we finally see the actual story coming together.

Why It’s One Of My Favorites…

Kagewani manages to give you chills in a very short span of time with its intense storytelling and unique art style. The monsters it introduces are things out of nightmares that make your stomach roll as you watch them terrorize innocents. Good psychological terror mixed with well timed gore creates a near perfect short form show in my opinion.

#1 – Aldnoah.Zero


There is a lot of love / hate when it comes the Aldnoah.zero, which is typical with most anime releases. Some people say the story and characters were garbage… I strongly disagree. While I respect these peoples opinions, I feel as though Aldnoah’s story and character development are some of the best I’ve seen in a long time. When you mix together the plot points, music, animation and Japanese voice cast you have one of my top favorite animes’ of all time.

Why It’s One Of My Favorites…

The story is what got me. It was able to grab you and drag you into its’ world. It made you care about these characters and what they were going through. It showed you true friendship without diving down the boring, overdone path of the two main characters becoming lovers. Every person had their own unique personality and they were there for a reason. No one felt like a filler or throw away character. They all played pivotal parts in the main characters lives. Aldnoah.Zero made me actually enjoy sci -fi and mechs, two things I’m not a fan of at all.


There you have it! My top 3 anime of 2015. Stay tuned for my top 3 video games of the year as well as my Fall 2015 anime round up. Let me know what your top 3 faves were in the comments. Let’s get a conversation started! Thanks for reading!!!!!!!