Welcome to my First Impressions!!

I know I’m a bit behind as far as this is concerned, but it took me longer than I initially thought to watch the first few episodes of all of these anime! I ended watching more than my list that i posted last month, hopefully you don’t mind! I’m going to break this up into 4 sections: The Best, The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. Those titles speak for themselves :D. Let’s do it!

The Best

The first 5 I’ll be listing are my absolute favorites from the seasons list.


  • Kagewani – This is a short form horror anime centering around a man on the hunt for monsters. Each episode is its own mini horror story, full of anxiety and blood. The animation is a little odd; everyone looks like watercolor paper dolls. But it fits the aesthetic of the story telling.

asterisks war

  • The Asterisks War – Taking place in a fantasy setting, we follow Ayato Amigiri, a transfer student. The school centers around magical battles. While there is a bit of fan service, it’s not enough to take away from the great animation, music and characters.

anti magic

  • Antimagic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon – This is another school based anime, however, these students are taught to take down magic and the witches that cast it. We follow the Small Fry Platoon, a group of students that aren’t very good at their job. Fan service is prevalent throughout the show but it molds well with the overall feel.

beautiful bones

  • Beautiful Bones – This was a give in to be one of my favorites since I’m a HUGE Sherlock Holmes fan. However there aren’t too many comparisons between the two. The only one that really stood out to me was the mind palace sequence that Sakurako goes through before every investigation. The characters are fun to watch and the mysteries they solve are dark.

iron blooded orphans

  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans – I was shocked when I realized how much I loved this show. I’m not a Gundam fan at all, but the story drew me in. The animation is typical for the genre but the characters and music are incredible!

The Good

The next 11 shows I want to talk about are ones that I enjoyed watching but won’t be frantically waiting for the next episode.

lance n masques

  • Lance N’ Masques – Very cutesy show about a young boy who has just become a knight. Art style is very fluffy as is the music and story.

young black jack

  • Young Black Jack – Follows the early life of medical student Black Jack as he makes his way to becoming a master surgeon. I love the animation and the music is good. It reminds me of a more exciting version of House M.D.

false facs

  • Utawarerumono: The False Faces – A very slow building anime centering around a man named Haku who has lost his memory. The animation reminds me of the Tales of video games. The music is catchy and it surprises you with some pretty brutal scenes.


  • Hakone-chan – A short form anime about a hot spring spirit trying to return to her full potential. The animation is ok and the music is obnoxious. Another very cutesy anime.

comet lucifer

  • Comet Lucifer – Very action packed show combining mechs with fantasy. It reminds me of Castle in the Sky mixed with Atlantis the Lost Empire. Feels like an adult Studio Ghibli movie.

jk meshi

  • JK Meshi – Another short form anime. This one revolves around 3 friends who are doing homework. They discuss random facts and then take a break to cook something. You learn something new every episode.

brave beats

  • Brave Beats – This is one of my favorite good animes this season. It follows Breakin, a Dancerian who’s been cast out of his homeworld to earth. He must collect all of the dance stones with the help of elementary student Hibiki. It’s a really tacky dance anime that has pokemon style graphics. It’s intro song is hands down my favorite from the entire season.

komori san

  • Komori-san Can’t Decline – A cute short form slice of life show about a highschool girl who can’t say no. Very cute with some humor. Decent animation.

Shin Atashinchi

  • Shin Atashinchi – This show reminds me of Shin Chan. It follows a family of 4 just living life together. Humor is good but the art style may throw a lot of people off. If you watch it, please watch the entire first episode before deciding.

perfect insider

  • Perfect Insider – A very odd anime that I honestly couldn’t understand at first. It jumps around a lot story – wise. The animation is very sharp. It’s intro video is he most unique I’ve ever seen.

Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note

  • Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note – This last show is another very cute show. It centers around Aya Tachibana, a young girl who feels invisible at school. She ends up being in a special cram school class with 4 popular and they start a detective agency together. It’s set up as a typical harem situation but Aya has an actual personality.

The Bad

These 4 shows fell onto my bad list. They are shows I personally wouldn’t watch, but other people may enjoy.

lovely muco

  • Lovely Muco – This anime is about a dog named Muco. The entire show takes place from his perspective. The animation is very child like but the story is cute.

mr. osomutso

  • Mr. Osomatsu – Honestly, I wasn’t able to watch more than half of its first episode. The animation is ok, but the story is everywhere and makes no sense.


  • Owarimonogatari – Another odd one. The art style is decent but the story completely lost me. To be honest, I was totally bored withing the first 10 minutes. It seems to revolve around paranormal ideas, which usually fascinates me, but the way they wrote it is just bizarre.

peeping life tv

  • Peeping Life TV – This show is a combination of  bunch of different animes. It’s kind of like a peek into their lives when they’re off camera. It looks cute, but I wasn’t into any of the characters it was following.

The Ugly

These final 2 animes fall far beyond the realm of weird…

Magical Somera-chan

  • Magical Somera-chan – This follows 3 magical girl sisters and their completely random, gory and inappropriate adventures. It tries really hard to be funny but it turned me off right away.


  • Milpom –This final anime has to be one of the weirdest in my book. It centers around barbie – like dolls talking to each other about random things like fashion. Their eyes kind of freaked me out.

Well that’s it from me for now! Remember that these are my opinions and I think that you yourself should still watch each of these animes to see if you personally enjoy them. Thanks for reading!!!