So I finally got around to watching FMA Brotherhood. I know I’m late with this one, but I loved the original series so much that I was afraid of this one ruining it. Boy was I wrong! I’m going to be ranking the show in 5 different categories with a 1-5 rank, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest, for a total score out of 25 at the end.

*1 – Art Style


The art was a little different from the original series since it followed along after the way it was drawn in the manga. This took me a little bit to get used to at first, mainly because the angles were a lot sharper in the beginning. Young Ed had more pointy angles than older Ed. As the anime went on it didn’t bother me anymore. However, I still prefer the style of the original.

Rating – 3/5

*2 – Voice Acting


I watched the English dub mainly because that’s how I watched the original. I love the VA’s for the dub and they kept pretty much the whole cast the same. The only big change was the kid who played Al in the first series. He has since gone through puberty so his voice has gotten too deep :D. They replaced him with a lady and she did a great job. The original VA got the part of young Hoenheim instead, so he was still in it and all is well. They did a fantastic job expressing all the emotions their characters felt throughout the story without making it tacky or forced.

Rating – 5/5

*3 – Story


This is the biggest part of an anime, as it should be, so it made the biggest impression. As I said before, coming into the show this was my biggest concern. I hadn’t gotten far enough into the manga to know what was coming.

It blew my mind.

The first 15 episodes follow the same storyline as the original so nothing new there. From episode 16 on I was in new territory and I loved it. The characters didn’t stray from their personalities and the crazy stuff that went down was nothing I was expecting. I think Brotherhood succeeded in making me love it more than the original and that was something I didn’t think would ever happen. I want to keep this spoiler free, so I won’t go into detail, but let’s just say that the direction they took the Homunculi ark was fantastic. They tidied up all loose ends and left me feeling complete when it was over.

Rating – 5/5

*4 – Character Development


Next to the story, character development in this anime is huge. I came in with my knowledge from the first series expecting the characters to follow the same paths they did previously, but once again Brotherhood smacked me in the face. And I loved it :). Some characters who had little to no use (Saliem, Hoenheim, Hawkeye) in the original played a much bigger part than I ever expected. They also went and fleshed out bigger players like Mustang. His story arc was fantastic and I love that he was able to play such a huge role other than a womanizing jerk. New characters made an appearance while some old characters never showed up, but they weren’t really missed.

Rating – 5/5

*5 – Intro/Outro Songs


I know these aren’t a big deal to the overall show but it makes a difference to me when I’m forced to listen to the same songs every episode. I’ve always been a fan of FMA’s songs and Brotherhood did not disappoint. Every intro and outro was catchy or sweet and I let them play through every time they came on.

Rating 5/5

So there it is; my spoiler free review of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. It was a great story full of nostalgic, and some new, characters. I recommend this to anyone who likes drama mixed with comedy and can handle some serious emotion.

Total Rating – 23/25

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you thought of Brotherhood if you’ve watched it!!