So Kotaku’s Fall 2015 anime list came out today and I went and sorted through it and picked out the shows that I am going to attempt to watch this Fall. Here is my list based off of their list…

*K – Return of Kings (watching on Neon Alley)

*Diabolik Lovers (Crunchyroll)

*Lance N’ Masques (Crunchyroll)

*Young Black Jack (Crunchyroll)

*Kagewani (Crunchyroll)

*The Asterisk War (Crunchyroll)

*Utawarerumono itsuwari no kamen (Crunchyroll)

*Hakone – chan (Crunchyroll)

*Comet Lucifer (Crunchyroll)

*JK – Meshi! (Crunchyroll)

I’ll be posting reviews to the first episodes as I watch them as well as a Fall anime 2015 all over review towards the beginning of December!!!